Center for Global Research Data

Academic Roundtable

The Academic Roundtable comprises researchers and investigators engaged in both primary and secondary research who provide valuable perspectives to Vivli leadership on issues relating to access, transparency, platform functionality, and academic outreach.  

Vivli is committed to representing and reflecting the needs and goals of all members of the research community, from sponsors, to investigators, to participants and their families to further data sharing as a global good.  


  • Elliott Antman, Harvard
  • Eran Bendavid, Stanford
  • Sergio Bonini, Second University of Naples
  • Isabella Chu, Stanford
  • Christopher Chute, Johns Hopkins University
  • Karina Davidson, Columbia University
  • Kay Dickersin, Johns Hopkins University
  • Julian Elliott, Monash University
  • Daniel Ford, Johns Hopkins University
  • Jennifer Grandis, UCSF
  • Spencer Hey, Harvard
  • Mark Helfand, OHSU
  • Adrian Hernandez, Duke
  • Carolyn Hoppe, Children’s Hospital Oakland
  • Chandy John, Indiana University
  • Tianjing Li, Johns Hopkins University
  • Shana McCormack, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Purvish Parikh, Asian Institute of Oncology at Somaiya Ayurvihar
  • Susan Redline, Harvard
  • Frank Rockhold, Duke
  • Larysa Rydzewska, UCL
  • Lesley Stewart, University of York
  • Herman Taylor, Morehouse University
  • Catrin Tudur Smith, University of Liverpool
  • Chunhua Weng, Columbia University