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Center for Global Research Data

How to Share Data

Steps to sharing your clinical research data on Vivli

1. If you are interested in sharing your data on Vivli, please contact for additional information.
2. Vivli will then email you the Data Contribution Form and the Data Contributor Agreement (DCA) that needs to be read, understood and signed by the Principal Investigator and an institution official via DocuSign.
3. Once this information is complete, Vivli will inform you when your clinical research data is listed on the Vivli Platform and share with you the DOI to include in any publications.
4. Vivli will reach out to you when you are close to having data ready to share to get it loaded into the platform. If you need help with anonymization, Vivli will connect you to specialists in this area.

What do I need to share as part of my data package?

Data package – Protocol, anonymized individual participant-level dataset, data dictionary, and statistical analysis plan are recommended; additional elements such as an annotated case report forms, clinical study report, and analysis ready datasets can also be included.

How much does it cost to share and archive my data long-term on the Vivli platform?

Costs per study for academic data contributors in 2020-21

Study Metadata Curated and Listed on Vivli

Anonymized IPD Storage

Independent Review Panel


Study ready for sharing and long-term storage $4,000
Study ready for sharing and long-term storage. Includes independent review panel $9,500
Anonymization Vivli has a partner, Privacy Analytics, that can assist with anonymization that provides preferred pricing for Vivli data contributors and members.

If you are interested in sharing your data on Vivli, please contact for additional information. The Vivli Data Contributor Agreement is available to data contributors upon request.

If study is required to be shared via a secure research environment please contact us for pricing options by emailing

Vivli waives the above data contribution fees for academic researchers located in low-and-middle-income countries. Please see the following link for an updated list of LMICs.