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Center for Global Research Data

How to Share Your Data on the Vivli Platform

Why share your data using Vivli?

• Ease of sharing – Vivli makes it easy for you to meet your data sharing commitments to funders as well as journals
and above all to the trial participants.
• A process flexible to meet your needs – Vivli’s process allows you to set key parameters for how your data is shared;
the Vivli team will then manage the actual sharing for you all covered by a one-time fee.
• Metrics report of data use – Vivli will provide you with a report detailing how your data has been used in secondary
publications – data you may use in future grant applications.

Key decisions to make about how you share your clinical research data

  • Expedited Review or Independent Review? The Vivli team may conduct an expedited review process for requests for
    your data or the Wellcome Trust Independent Review Panel may review these proposals on your behalf.
  • Will you/your institution anonymize your data or do you need help to anonymize? Vivli only accepts the contribution
    of anonymized data. Your institution may provide support or Vivli has anonymization vendors who will offer support
    for this service. This cost may be an allowable expense under your existing grant. If you have questions, please reach
    out and we can discussions options.
  • Are you ready to share now or do you require an embargo period? Most researchers are ready to share when they
    contact us; however, we do allow for an embargo period of 6 months from when your data is uploaded to our platform
    if necessary.
  • Data downloadable or in a secure research environment? The default option is for us to securely store your data and
    to make it available upon request via download for subsequent research. If a study is required to be shared via a secure research environment, please contact us.

How much does it cost to share and archive my data long-term on the Vivli platform?

Costs per study for academic data contributors in 2021-2022

Study Metadata Curated and Listed on Vivli Anonymized IPD Storage Independent Review Panel Cost
Study ready for sharing and long-term storage $4,000
Study ready for sharing and long-term storage (includes independent review panel) $9,500

Check with your current grant funder to see if data sharing costs are allowable under your existing grants. For any future grants, be sure to build the costs of anonymizing and sharing data into your proposals.
For any Covid-related clinical research data, all fees and anonymization costs are waived.(link to page)
Vivli waives the above data contribution fees for academic researchers located in low-and-middle-income countries. Please see the following link for an updated list of LMICs.

Steps to sharing your clinical research data on Vivli

1. Decide on how you want to share your data from your clinical research. See key decisions to make
about sharing your clinical research data.
2. Complete and sign Data Contribution Form and the Data Contributor Agreement (DCA). The DCA needs to be read,
understood and signed by the Principal Investigator and an institution official. If you don’t know who your
institution official is, in most organizations a good place to start is the Grants and Contract office. See this template
email to send to this office.
3. Once the forms are completed, Vivli will reach out with next steps about how to upload your anonymized data.

What do I need to share as part of my data package?

Data package – Protocol, anonymized individual participant-level dataset, data dictionary, and statistical analysis plan are recommended; additional elements such as an annotated case report forms, clinical study report, and analysis ready datasets can also be included.