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October 18, 2022 | Vivli partners with The Helmsley Charitable Trust to share T1D exercise data

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust’s Type 1 Diabetes Program announced the launch of their initiative to support novel, real-world solutions to help people with type 1 diabetes exercise safely and to improve their quality of life. Helmsley collaborated with the Jaeb Center for Health Research (JCHR) and a group of investigators to conduct two large observational exercise studies in people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and is now making the data from the studies publicly available with Vivli. To amplify its impact, Helmsley is also opening a request for proposals (RFP) for researchers, clinicians, and data scientists to analyze the data and test novel solutions in people with T1D.

“Vivli is delighted to facilitate access to these important data sets through a Helmsley grant, and to play a part in the advancement of T1D scientific research,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director.

Concept notes for the RFP are due by April 30, 2023, and full proposals will be invited for submission later in 2023. Read Helmsley’s full press release here.

Researchers who have approved requests for the RFP

The table provides the information of researchers who have accessed the Jaeb Center for Health Research T1D Exercise Dataset via Vivli and indicated that they will be applying for the Helmsley request for proposal.

Lane DesboroughNudge BG, Inc.
Gijsbert StoetUniversity of Essex
Emily FoxStanford University
Dale MorrisonUniversity of Melbourne
Hector Romero UgaldeDiabeloop SA