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FAQ Group Archives: Sharing data on the Vivli platform

Vivli’s policy is that data sets can be embargoed for 6 months. The study would be listed on Vivli’s platform as available for sharing with a note that it is embargoed for six months. Researchers can still request the data but it will not be shared for the six-month embargo period.

You may update your data or request that your data is deleted by contacting the Vivli team at

At a minimum, Vivli will make data available for researchers for 10 years, unless they are contractually unable to do so. On an ongoing basis, Vivli evaluates its data holdings with regard to maintaining access and reserves the right to discontinue the distribution of a data collections when deemed appropriate. When materials are deaccessioned, the…

No, the data you share does not have to be published. However, the data must be affiliated with completed clinical research. We can meet publication requirements by sharing underlying data.

Vivli data contributors can share files up to 500 MB. Larger sizes of up to 100T can be accommodated. If your file is larger than 1T, please contact Vivli Support at

Yes. The Vivli platform meets ICMJE requirements which includes many of the leading journals. This blog provides sample language for how answer the questions about data sharing as part of the journal requirements.

All data sets are assigned a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which helps make data sets easily discoverable and easy to trace when cited.

Vivli currently does not offer comprehensive curation services, though we do offer anonymization through anonymization partners. If you need help with anonymization, contact our support team at to discuss your options.

Vivli offers a secure platform for storing data. The list of studies available via Vivli’s platform is public, however, users must request access to the data for a specific research proposal, and all requests must be approved before access is granted. For more information, see How to Share Data.

Learn about the the fee breakdown for sharing your data here: How to Share Data

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