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Sharing the data from your completed clinical research helps advance scientific knowledge, is what many trial participants want and expect (as long as there are the appropriate safeguards), and more and more funders are mandating data sharing. Vivli as an organization works to support researchers to share and make it as easy as possible. The key questions and processes are outlined below. If you still have questions, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and the Vivli team will be happy to support you.

Why share your data using Vivli?

  • Ease of sharing – Vivli makes it easy for you to meet your data sharing commitments to funders as well as journals and above all to the trial participants.
  • Metrics report of data use – Vivli will provide, upon request, a report detailing how your data has been used in secondary publications – data you may use in future grant applications.

Steps to sharing your clinical research data on Vivli

Steps to sharing your clinical research data on Vivli

  1. Complete and sign Data Contribution Form and the Data Contributor Agreement (DCA). The DCA needs to be read, understood and signed by the Principal Investigator and an institution official. If you don’t know who your institution official is, in most organizations a good place to start is the Grants and Contract office. See this email template to send to this office that provides instructions.
  2. Anonymize your data. Will you/your institution anonymize your data or do you need help to anonymize? Vivli only accepts anonymized data. Your institution may provide support or Vivli has anonymization vendors who will offer support for this service. This cost may be an allowable expense under your existing grant. If you have Covid-19 data, our vendors may waive the fees for anonymization. If you have questions, please email .
  3. Once the forms are completed and the data is anonymized, Vivli will provide instructions of how to upload your anonymized data.

How much does it cost to store my data long-term and have it available for researchers to access it on the Vivli platform?

There is no charge for academic researchers who want to share the data from their completed clinical research.

Study Metadata Curated and Listed on Vivli Anonymized IPD Storage Vivli Accelerated Review Cost
Study ready for sharing and long-term storage checkmark checkmark checkmark No charge

Additional options are available for academic, other non-profit researchers, industry researchers and their organizations, including membership, and may incur costs, reach out to with questions.

Do you require an embargo period?

Most researchers are ready to share when they contact us; however, you can upload your data and set a date in the future when your data is available for researchers conducting secondary analysis to access and analyze it.

What do I need to share as part of my data package?

Data package – Protocol, anonymized individual participant-level dataset, data dictionary, and statistical analysis plan are recommended; additional elements such as an annotated case report forms, clinical study report, and analysis ready datasets can also be included. This video explains what is typically included as part of a data package and how you can make it more useable for future research.

What is the review process for subsequent requests for my data?

Steps to sharing your clinical research data on Vivli

When a research team requests your study, an Accelerated Research Proposal Review will be conducted within 3 business days. Vivli will manage the execution of the Data Use Agreement. Once these steps are completed, the Vivli team will work with the researcher to access the data and support them until they have published their results.

If you or your organization has clinical research data to share, please get in touch with us by filling out the form below and we will respond shortly.

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