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Center for Global Research Data

Vivli Committees

The Vivli Steering Committee comprises representatives from Vivli members. This group includes institutional data contributors from academia, governmental, industry, and non-profit organizations and meets regularly to discuss operational, governance, and policy issues.

The Vivli External Advisory Committee brings together a diverse group of influential leaders with a commitment to data transparency. These leaders provide knowledge and insights based on their experience and expertise in their respective fields on a broad range of issues related to governance, implementation, and strategic planning. This external perspective supports Vivli’s growth as an institution.

  • Howard Bauchner, The JAMA Network 
  • Monica Bertagnolli, Alliance Foundation Trials 
  • Dave Evans, CDISC
  • Sergio Bonini, Italian National Research Council (CNR), Institute of Translational Pharmacology
  • Magda Chlebus, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
  • Jacque Demots-Mainard, European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network 
  • Jeffrey Drazen,  New England Journal of Medicine 
  • Cartier Esham, Biotechnology Innovation Organization
  • Karmela Krleza-Jeric, Impact Observatory, MedILS  
  • Bernard Lo, Greenwall Foundation
  • Jan McGonagle, Amoskeag Health
  • Vasee Moorthy, World Health Organization 
  • Brian Nosek, Center for Open Science 
  • Purvish Parikh, Asian Institute of Oncology at Somaiya Ayurvihar 
  • Jane Perlmutter, Gemini Group 
  • Eric Peterson, Duke Clinical Research Institute 
  • Olivia Shopshear, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) 
  • Carolyn Shore, National Academies of Sciences (NAS) Observer
  • Joshua Mann, VHL Alliance 
  • David Vulcano,  Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) 

The Vivli Community Roundtable  

The Vivli Community Roundtable is a group drawn from the broader data sharing community. The Roundtable includes academics, patient advocacy representatives, and others interested in data sharing issues, and meets quarterly to get updates on the Vivli platform to discuss a wide range of data-sharing issues. Vivli welcomes the input of this important group in helping to shape our future growth.