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The Vivli team, led by Executive Director Rebecca Li, recently authored a paper entitled “Health Data Sharing Platforms: Serving Researchers through Provision of Access to High-Quality Data for Reuse.” This paper aims to raise awareness of the ecosystem of health-related data sharing platforms available for researchers to access high-quality data, and thus advance science by...  > MORE
Vivli will host CRDSA as they explore findings of their newly published whitepaper, “A Review of BioPharma Sponsor Data Sharing Policies and Protection Methodologies.” The webinar will be held on October 6th, 11am EDT/8am PDT/5pm CEST Register here today! This one-hour webinar will feature the authors from the CRDSA’s new white paper “A Review of BioPharma...  > MORE
“We are thrilled to welcome Bayer as a member of Vivli,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “We look forward to supporting researchers to request and analyze Bayer’s data securely.” As a global leader in healthcare and nutrition, Bayer offers innovative products that support efforts to overcome challenges presented by a growing and aging global...  > MORE
Vivli enthusiastically congratulates Dr. Monica Bertagnolli on her recent appointment as Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Dr. Bertagnolli has served as a long-time member on the Vivli External Advisory Committee. “We are glad to see Dr. Monica Bertagnolli take on such an impactful role and we wish her all the best,” said Rebecca...  > MORE
“Enabling the Data Sharing Ecosystem” Vivli’s 2022 Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022, 9:00am – 12:00pm EST / 3:00  – 6:00pm CET / 11:00pm – 2:00am JST. This meeting will serve as a chance to allow researchers, data contributors, and funders to discuss data sharing and its importance for furthering scientific...  > MORE
“We are pleased that Ipsen has joined Vivli as a member,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “By joining Vivli as a member, Ipsen is meeting the PhRMA/EFPIA Principles for Responsible Clinical Trial Data Sharing.” Ipsen’s vision is to be a leading global mid-size biopharmaceutical company, with a focus on transformative medicines in three key...  > MORE
Vivli’s Executive Director, Dr. Rebecca Li, will be speaking at the Center for Biomedical Research Transparency’s 2022 Biomedical Transparency Summit on September 7th for “NIH Data Sharing Policy  – What you need to know!” Dr. Li will speak alongside NIH’s Active Director of the Office of Science Policy, Dr. Lyric Jorgenson and NIH’s Associate Director...  > MORE
Vivli announced that it had reached a new milestone with 100 public disclosures, including many from peer-reviewed journal publications, has just been published using data requested via the Vivli platform. We are so pleased that we have reached this milestone during the month of our four-year anniversary,” said Rebecca Li, Executive Director. “So much of...  > MORE
Vivli welcomes our newest partner platform as a member, the NIH Helping to End Addiction Long-term® Initiative, or NIH HEAL Initiative®, an aggressive, trans-agency effort to speed scientific solutions to stem the national opioid public health crisis. “We are delighted to include the NIH HEAL Initiative as a member of Vivli,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli...  > MORE
Vivli held a webinar to share how we work with our platform partners, including NIH Domain Repository partners, to enhance discoverability of their data. Vivli has recently been named a Generalist Repository as part of the NIH GREI initiative. A primary objective of the GREI initiative is to supplement the NIH domain-specific data repositories in...  > MORE
Vivli’s Executive Director, Dr. Rebecca Li, will be presenting at the PHUSE Data Transparency Summer Event on June 28-30 alongside co-author Rebecca Sudlow, Roche. They will be presenting their abstract titled, “Accelerated sharing of COVID-19 Trial data via the Vivli Global Data Sharing Platform.” Dr. Li will be speaking at the Wednesday, June 29, session....  > MORE
Vivli’s Rebecca Li, Executive Director, and Julie Wood, Senior Director, will be featured as panelists for Open House for HEAL Data: Discussions with HEAL-Recommended Repositories on Thursday, May 19th from 1:00-2:00pm ET. The NIH HEAL Initiative® aims to create a novel web platform connecting data from existing repositories to allow researchers to share, find, and...  > MORE
Eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vivli team, led by Executive Director, Rebecca Li, were among the authors of a paper that analyzed data sharing intentions among trials registered through The team found that positive intentionality to share IPD remained static at 15% in this much larger sample size of 2,759 relevant trials...  > MORE
The 10th annual Chief Medical Office Summit 360º seeks to address the unique challenges associated with directing and managing R&D functions with limited resources, while raising capital and strategizing for growth and appropriate exits. Held on April 4-5, 2022, they will be featuring Vivli’s Senior Advisor, Marcia Levenstein in their featured session, “What Statisticians wish...  > MORE
“We are delighted that Sanofi is joining as a Vivli member and making it possible for researchers to request access to anonymized data and accompanying documents from their completed clinical trials,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. Sanofi is an innovative global healthcare company, driven by one purpose: we chase the miracles of science to...  > MORE
Vivli is part of a collaborative effort to improve access and discoverability of NIH-funded data January 26, 2022—Today Vivli has been named one of six generalist repositories that will work with the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS) as part of the Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI). This initiative will enable better access to...  > MORE
Vivli showcased in new NAM Special Publication Vivli is featured in a new Special Publication from the National Academy of Medicine, Sharing Health Data: The Why, the Will, and the Way Forward, which features novel data sharing collaborations born out of the pandemic. The experiences of Vivli are featured to show how data sharing can...  > MORE
We are delighted to share with you Vivli’s 2021 Progress Report, which highlights our milestones to date and plans for the year ahead. We look forward to continuing to grow together in 2022 and beyond, as leaders in data sharing and transparency, working together towards our end goal of advancing human health.    > MORE
Clinical Trials- Informa Connect is hosting a hybrid event, “Future-Proof Your Clinical Data Disclosure, Transparency and Plain Language Summaries,” in June 2022. They will be featuring Vivli’s Senior Director, Julie Wood, in their series on Data Sharing Challenges in the presentation, “CASE STUDY: Sharing of Covid-19 Trials on Data Sharing Platforms.” Julie Wood – Director...  > MORE
Vivli board members interviewed with researchers who submitted data requests using the Vivli platform to discuss the importance of their findings, but also the value of clinical trials and data sharing as a whole. A compilation of these videos can be found below: Management of rheumatoid arthritis — A conversation with José António P. Da...  > MORE
“Creating Value by Working Together” Vivli’s 2021 Annual Meeting was held on November 3rd. This meeting served as a chance to allow researchers, data contributors, and funders to discuss data sharing and its importance for furthering scientific discoveries. View the Recording View the Presentation Agenda Welcome remarks Vivli Update for 2021, Rebecca Li, Executive Director,...  > MORE
A new partnership between the Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative (ADDI) and Vivli expands access to critical clinical trial data from leading pharmaceutical companies. Today, the Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative (ADDI) and Vivli – two leading health data organizations – announced a new partnership. It is aimed at expanding access and interoperability of data from completed...  > MORE
Vivli extends a warm welcome to our newest partner platform as a member, the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO). “We are pleased IDDO is making their studies findable on the Vivli platform,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “We all want to do everything we can to make sure this valuable data is available to as...  > MORE
“We are delighted to welcome Shionogi as our newest member,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “We are excited to facilitate Shionogi’s continued commitment to clinical trial data transparency.” The purpose of the Shionogi Group’s corporate activities is, as expressed in the opening of “The Company Policy of Shionogi”, to “supply the best possible medicine...  > MORE
Version 2.0 of the Vivli platform has been released and is available to users. “The improvements to the underlying infrastructure of Vivli should have major benefits to our users,” said Julie Wood, Vivli Director of Strategy and Operations. “We have updated Vivli to take advantage of many of the newer benefits of Microsoft Azure, including...  > MORE
Leading Life Science IT services and software provider, d-wise, an Instem Company, and Vivli are pleased to announce a partnership aimed at providing easily accessible anonymization services and software to leading institutions (biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions of higher learning) as well as individual researchers planning to share clinical research data on Vivli’s global data sharing...  > MORE
Ropes & Gray and Mass Insight Global Partnerships will be featuring Vivli’s Executive Director, Dr. Rebecca Li, on their upcoming webinar, “Accelerating Next Generation Developments in Cancer Care: A Collaborative Agenda for Data Innovations and Policy.” Ropes & Gray and Mass Insight Global Partnerships aim to highlight the impact data sharing has on scientific developments, specifically...  > MORE
Vivli board member and Duke University Professor, Eric Perakslis, met with Dr. Ashley Hopkins of Flinders University to discuss the importance of his team’s research to help provide information to breast cancer patients and their doctors as to how they may react to certain medications. Dr. Hopkins has used the Vivli platform to request data...  > MORE
Vivli co-founder and UCSF professor Dr. Ida Sim had the opportunity to interview Dr. Neeraj Narula from McMaster University to discuss the value of clinical trials, data sharing, and what we’ve learned about advances in the treatment of Crohn’s Disease. Dr. Narula has used the Vivli platform to request data for a number of research questions and...  > MORE
Vivli is a non–profit organization working to advance human health through the insights and discoveries gained by sharing and analyzing clinical trial data. It is home to an independent global data-sharing and analytics platform which serves all elements of the international research community. VIVLI, the Center for Global Clinical Research is seeking a seasoned Project...  > MORE
Vivli extends a warm welcome to our newest partner platform as a member, the NIAID Clinical Trials Data Repository, AccessClinicalData@NIAID. “We are delighted to include AccessClinicalData@NIAID studies on the Vivli platform,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “By making these valuable studies available for searching on Vivli, AccessClinicalData@NIAID is helping to ensure that researchers can find...  > MORE
Vivli Board Member Dr. Stewart recently connected with researchers Prof. José António P. Da Silva and Dr. Ricardo J.O. Ferreira from the University of Coimbra to discuss the value of clinical trials, data sharing and specifically what we’ve learned about advances in rheumatology. Dr. Ferreira and Prof. Da Silva used the Vivli platform to request...  > MORE
Sharing Academic Clinical Research Data: Top Academic Administrators discuss why and how institutions can provide support This webinar provides an introduction to why data from academic clinical research should be shared and is aimed at academic trial teams and staff. The panelists will take part in a free-flowing conversation and Q&A to share their experiences...  > MORE
Vivli is pleased to announce that following on from the Wellcome Trust-Open Data Institute (ODI) AMR pilot, Wellcome has awarded a contract to Vivli which aims to improve the access and research use of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance data. The Wellcome-ODI pilot project focused on gathering and openly publishing data on industry-sponsored human antimicrobial surveillance...  > MORE
The Foundation will support its grantees to cover the costs related to sharing clinical trial data. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has joined Vivli as a member. The Foundation will support grantees to use the Vivli platform as an approved repository for their clinical trial data. “By depositing and sharing data via a stable...  > MORE
Front Line Genomics will be featuring Vivli’s Executive Director, Dr. Rebecca Li, in their webinar series COVID & Genomics ONLINE, on Wednesday May 5th in the webinar, “COVID-19 Data Sharing.” Front Line Genomics is a genomics-focused media company, with a social mission to deliver the benefits of genomics to patients faster. In this webinar, they...  > MORE
Anonymized patient-level data from Alnylam available on the Vivli platform “We are thrilled to welcome Alnylam as a member of Vivli,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “Alnylam is showing its leadership by sharing its data using the Vivli platform. Alnylam is leading the translation of RNA interference (RNAi) into a new class of innovative...  > MORE
There are more than 7,000 rare diseases and of those 90% are without an FDA-approved treatment. Sharing rare disease data is difficult for a number of reasons, including concerns around protecting patient privacy, control of the data and managing competition, and the possibility for misinterpretation of data. Recently CureDuchenne, Vivli, and the Rare Disease Cures Accelerator-Data...  > MORE
“Vivli is delighted to have Otsuka join as our newest member,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “They are making an important contribution in sharing their trial data with researchers to advance science.” Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a global healthcare company with the corporate philosophy: “Otsuka–people creating new products for better health worldwide.” Otsuka...  > MORE
Health Research Board Trials Methodology Research Network (HRB TMRN) will be featuring Vivli’s Executive Director, Dr. Rebecca Li, on their upcoming webinar, “Implementation of Data Sharing platforms and How Researchers are Utilizing these Platforms to Further their Research.” The HRB-Trials Methodology Research Network (HRB-TMRN) is a collaborative initiative between a number of Irish and international...  > MORE
Vivli has received a grant from the Wellcome Trust, which aims to improve the access and re-use of COVID-related clinical trials data. This will include data from trials funded by the Coronavirus Therapeutics Accelerator (CTA), an initiative launched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome and Mastercard to speed up the response to the Covid-19...  > MORE
We are delighted to announce the latest release of the Vivli platform, version 1.7, which has several new features including an updated suite of tools and software available in the research environment, greater flexibility in the data upload process and improved reporting. We have updated the complete suite of tools and software available in Vivli’s...  > MORE
InformaConnect will be combining their EU and US events into one global virtual event this year: the Clinical Data Disclosure, Transparency & Plain Language Summaries, May 10th – May 12th. Participants can expect to learn from thought-leaders and innovators across the industry in this three-day event that covers topics: Global clinical transparency regulations and data...  > MORE
Join Vivli for a webinar to learn about how Machine Learning (ML) research approaches may be used in the context of clinical data re-use. These approaches raise important questions and opportunities for data sharing. Panelists will provide an overview of machine learning including case studies from Vivli (a global data sharing and analytics platform) where...  > MORE
In 2018, Vivli launched its first data analysis challenges to encourage researchers to search and request studies available on the Vivli platform. Since then, we have had received more than 250 requests. Early last year, Vivli was excited to name ten Pioneer Winners – the first lead investigators whose data requests were successfully approved—and its...  > MORE
  Vivli has waived fees associated with data contributions from academic researchers located in low-and-middle-income countries. “We decided to waive these fees as it was important to remove financial barriers to data sharing,” said Rebecca Li, Executive Director of Vivli. Learn more about the process in How to Share Data. For researchers that have any questions,...  > MORE
Center for Biomedical Research Transparency (CBMRT) is hosting its fourth annual global summit series with the intention to engage a diverse group of participants with a passion for increasing transparency in research practices. CBMRT will host a virtual Summit series with short sessions scheduled for February 26, March 16 and March 26. Participants can expect...  > MORE
The MRCT Center and Vivli will host a virtual roundtable meeting for our stakeholders and members based in Japan. Meeting topics will include: • Diversity in Clinical Trials, • Approaches to Data Sharing, and • Synthetic Data – Patient Privacy and Other Use Cases Following presentations, Vivli and MRCT Center teams will be available for...  > MORE
Vivli is delighted to launch the first in a series of training videos aimed at researchers interested in accessing individual participant level data (IPD). These short and informative data sharing videos can help a first-time requester of data or a more experienced secondary analysis researcher. Topics include: • What is typically provided in the data...  > MORE
“We are delighted to announce that global specialty pharmaceutical company, Kyowa Kirin, has joined Vivli as a member,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. Kyowa Kirin strives to contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world through cutting-edge, technology-driven science, and will provide data focused on four key therapeutic areas: Nephrology, Oncology,...  > MORE
Vivli Executive Director, Rebecca Li, will join Critical Path Institute’s Jane Larkindale and Debra Miller from CureDuchenne for a session on Data Sharing of Rare Disease Data – Challenges and Rewards at the PHUSE Data Transparency Winter Meeting. This live presentation can be viewed on Tuesday 19th January 2021 between 15:00–17:30 GMT (10:00 am –...  > MORE
Vivli Co-Founder Dr. Ida Sim will lead a dkNET webinar entitled “Vivli: A Global Clinical Trials Data Sharing Platform”. dkNET is a search portal that helps researchers find research resources relevant to their research and keep up to date on new tools, services and mandates to support robust and reproducible science. In this webinar, Dr....  > MORE
November 24, 2020 | Vivli is hiring a Program Manager
VIVLI, the Center for Global Clinical Research is seeking a seasoned Program Manager. Vivli is a mission-focused non-profit. For more information see Program Manager (Job Description) Overall Duties and Responsibilities include the following: Vivli’s Program Manager has responsibility for: The program manager would oversee and manage a portfolio of grants and contracted projects to...  > MORE
Vivli’s co-founder Ida Sim will give a presentation at the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s 2020 IBD Biomarker Summit. Her talk entitled; Data Standards and Integration to Advance Biomarker Research will take place on December 2 at 11:45 am EST. Register to attend the meeting virtually. Vivli has 85 studies in Crohn’s and Colitis available to...  > MORE
“Vivli Global Researchers and Key Stakeholders – Creating Impact” On November 10th, we gathered for a lively discussion as part of our 2020 Annual Meeting. The meeting created a dialogue between researchers and data contributors about data sharing and what can be done to further increase scientific knowledge in future. VIEW THE RECORDING Agenda Welcome...  > MORE
“We are delighted that AstraZeneca is joining as a Vivli member and making it possible for researchers to access the data from their clinical trials,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of prescription medicines, primarily for the treatment of diseases...  > MORE
Vivli is excited to announce it’s newest publication entitled Timely access to trial data in the context of a pandemic: the time is now. The article, published in BMJ Open, highlights how Vivli is addressing the needs of the COVID-19 challenge and demonstrates how the sharing of data collected from each trial participant enables combining of...  > MORE
Vivli Executive Director, Rebecca Li, will take part in a panel discussion next week as part of Northeastern University’s Center for Law, Innovation and Creativity Annual Conference. The virtual conference, entitled This is What Democracy Looks Like – Exploring the Future of Governance Through Intellectual Property and Technology Regulation, will be held on Friday, October 16th...  > MORE
Vivli’s Director of Strategy and Operations, Julie Wood, will be presenting at the 2020 European Medical Writers Association 2020 Virtual Symposium on 6 November 2020. The event’s theme is Research Integrity & The Medical Communicator: What We Do When Know One is Watching. Wood’s talk is entitled Responsible Data-Sharing to Improve Research Integrity. View the full...  > MORE
September 3 at 11AM ET This 60-minute webinar will explore the emergence of synthetic data, a privacy preservation approach to protect individual patient data. Top experts will explain what synthetic data is, when and how to deploy this approach and share case studies about the successful utilization of using synthetic data and future applications of...  > MORE
Vivli Executive Director, Rebecca Li, will take part in a panel discussion as part of Data Sharing to Accelerate Therapeutic Development for Rare Diseases hosted by Duke and the FDA. Her session will focus on platform analytics tools to support data sharing and drug development for rare diseases. The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, through...  > MORE
Vivli extends a warm welcome to our newest member, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma. “We are delighted to include Mitsubishi Tanabe studies on the Vivli platform,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “By joining Vivli, Mitsubishi Tanabe will help drive scientific discovery through data sharing to advance human health.” As a global research-driven pharmaceutical company, Mitsubishi Tanabe...  > MORE
“We are delighted to welcome Taiho Pharma as a member of Vivli and to be able to partner with them to manage requests received for their individual patient-level data from completed clinical trials,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. Taiho Pharma is an R&D-driven specialty pharma focusing on the three fields of oncology, allergies and...  > MORE
Members of Vivli, the Center for Clinical Research Data, announce today their commitment to share their COVID-19 trials through Vivli. Members who have committed to sharing their data on the COVID-19 portal, a dedicated search function within Vivli for COVID-19 include Eli Lilly & Company, Regeneron, Roche, Takeda. Additionally, Cochrane, Covid Collaboration Platform, UCB, and...  > MORE
REGISTER NOW Join Vivli, COVID Collaboration Platform (CP) and TransCelerate BioPharma for a discussion of how these organizations are working to support academia, foundations and industry to collaborate and share data for COVID-19 trials. The webinar will discuss the work that each organization is taking to support their stakeholders to more quickly collaborate, share and...  > MORE
“We are thrilled to welcome Roche as a member of Vivli and to be able to list their studies on the platform,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. Roche is a global health care leader in the areas of oncology, immunology, infectious diseases and neuroscience. Through innovation in diagnostics and targeted treatments, Roche aims to...  > MORE
“We are pleased to announce Lundbeck has signed on as a member of Vivli,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “We look forward to collaborating and providing their data to researchers in disease areas within psychiatry and neurology.” Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company highly committed to improving the quality of life of people living...  > MORE
Vivli’s co-founder Ida Sim to speak at a webinar hosted by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for researchers to learn how to share, discover, and cite COVID-19 data and code in generalist repositories. Dr. Sim will speak to Vivli’s involvement in supporting discoverability and reusability of COVID-19...  > MORE
Privacy Analytics has partnered with Vivli in a consortium to accelerate the COVID-19 response through sharing of participant data from COVID-19 clinical trials via Vivli’s COVID-19 portal. “Privacy Analytics is wholly committed to the global effort to respond to COVID-19. We have the collective will, the personal urgency and the technical ability to make a...  > MORE
d-wise offers anonymization services to studies available on Vivli COVID-19 portal  Breaking News— d-wise and Vivli are partnering to accelerate COVID-19 data sharing.  d-wise will waive fees to anonymize COVID-19 studies made available through the Vivli platform. Vivli launched its COVID-19 portal last week and announced it will waive fees to share, archive and access all...  > MORE
Regeneron joins Vivli, reinforcing their commitment to data transparency “We are pleased to welcome Regeneron as a member of Vivli,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “Regeneron is acting on its commitment to drive forward scientific discovery and advance human health by sharing individual patient-level clinical data from certain completed trials with approved researchers.” Regeneron...  > MORE
Access to data from completed coronavirus trials would be made available to all qualified researchers Cambridge, MA–In a visible sign of data sharing leadership, Vivli, the Center for Clinical Research Data, has committed to serving the open science community through the launch of a COVID-19 portal for sharing of completed interventional treatment trial data. All...  > MORE
More than 300 R packages and 250 Python packages are available We are delighted to announce the latest release of the Vivli platform included updates to the software and R packages available in the research environment. We have updated the complete list of Software and R packages available in Vivli’s research environment to reflect these...  > MORE
We hope you are well in this moment of uncertainty due to COVID-19. We are reaching out at this time to let you know the steps we are taking to safeguard the well-being of both our employees and users. • Staying in contact via remote technology whenever possible. We are a dispersed team primarily concentrated...  > MORE
Join Vivli and Privacy Analytics for a discussion of how both organizations help data contributors to share their data securely and protect patient’s privacy. The webinar will include discussions about the different approaches to anonymization and the value of a risk-based, quantitative anonymization approach. Learn more about how together we are building research communities to...  > MORE
Dr. John Frew, the first Pioneer Award winner, from Rockefeller University, sat down for an interview with Vivli to share more about his research, the impact his findings are having on future clinical trial design and patient care, as well as his advice to researchers who were going to embark on a research project using...  > MORE
Vivli launched its first data analysis challenge shortly after our launch in an effort to generate interest and move data sharing forward. We are delighted to announce the first Vivli Global Data Sharing Innovator and our Vivli Pioneer Winners. John Frew, Rockefeller University, is the first Global Data Sharing Innovator for his publication in the...  > MORE
Dr. Ida Sim, Vivli co-founder and UCSF professor, shared with attendees the case study of about Vivli as a data sharing platform focused on the sharing of clinical research at the NIH Workshop on the Role of Generalist Repositories to Enhance Data Discoverability and Reuse, which was held in Bethesda, Md. The event was hosted...  > MORE
VIEW HERE Join Vivli for a webinar discussing the differences between Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE), and clinical trials. Different types of study designs can help answer different questions and this webinar will explore when these different approaches are deployed. The panelists will provide an overview of the RWD and RWE landscape, the...  > MORE
Global research nonprofit CureDuchenne joins Vivli to share clinical trial data for treating muscular dystrophy. CureDuchenne, the leading global nonprofit focused on finding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, will contribute patient-level clinical data to the Vivli platform, making it available to other researchers around the world. The data will augment existing studies that are...  > MORE
UCB makes its patient-level study data available for requesting using the Vivli Platform.  “We are delighted to welcome UCB as a member of Vivli and to work with them and other members to securely share their studies with researchers,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on creating value...  > MORE
The NIH asked for public input on a NIH data management and sharing policy proposal. Full details on the DRAFT NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing and the Supplemental DRAFT guidance can be found here. Below are the comments that Vivli submitted. As the world’s largest funder of research, NIH has a major leadership...  > MORE
We are delighted to share with you Vivli’s 2019 Progress Report, which highlights our milestones to date and plans for the year ahead. We look forward to continuing to grow together in 2020 and beyond, as leaders in data sharing and transparency, working together towards our end goal of advancing human health.  > MORE
Challenges and a Way Forward in Sharing Clinical Trial Data: A Workshop on November 18-19, 2019 Vivli Executive Director, Rebecca Li, will speak about the Vivli platform on the first day and Vivli founder and technical lead, Ida Sim, will moderate a session on the second day about Overcoming Usability and Sustainability Challenges. The workshop...  > MORE
Few things are more frustrating than wasted time. The Vivli team wants to help you make the most of your valuable time, and to help make sure that your data request has the best possible chance for success. While access to data is a decision made by our data contributors (see our Members Page for...  > MORE
September 30, 2019 | Credit for Data Sharing Webinar
Vivli, the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center (MRCT Center) and Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) present a discussion on methodologies for appropriating credit in data sharing. Dr. Barbara Bierer, MRCT Center Faculty Director, and Heather Pierce, Senior Director of Science Policy for AAMC share how purpose-driven data sharing both enhances scientific discovery and ensures data...  > MORE
Vivli Executive Director Rebecca Li and Frank Rockhold, Vivli Special Advisor and Professor of Bioinformatics at Duke Clinical Research Institution, will present at the NIH Grand Rounds on September 27 from 1-2pm EST on Preparing for Clinical Trial Data Sharing and Re-use: The New Reality for Researchers. Join the livestream  > MORE
Vivli Executive Director Rebecca will present at the Drug Information Association’s (DIA) Future of Evidence Workshop session on Real World Evidence (RWE), Data Sharing and Data Transparency. Dr. Li’s presentation on “Finding New Solutions to Problems and Concerns in Clinical Data Sharing – Outcomes from Datathon” will speak on October 25. The Switzerland based event...  > MORE
“We are delighted to have Johnson & Johnson join Vivli as a member,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “This partnership will drive science forward by enabling the combination of J&J data with sources available from Vivli’s other member organizations.” Read more about the partnership in this post by Joanne Waldstreicher, Chief Medical Officer at...  > MORE
The Vivli Annual Meeting event on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 was recorded. For those who are unable to attend the meeting in person, you can view the proceedings. Annual Meeting Agenda Welcome remarks Vivli Update for 2019 and Vision for 2020 Working lunch Invited Speaker: Informed consent and secondary use of data for data sharing – David...  > MORE
Dr. Rebecca Li will discuss how Vivli used synthetic datasets as part of its data challenge with Microsoft on a webinar entitled An Introduction to Synthetic Clinical Trial Data. The webinar will be on October 4 at 11am-12pm EDT and is hosted by Replica Analytics. Sign up to the webinar today to find more about...  > MORE
“Working Together to Transform Data Sharing”  The Vivli Annual Meeting event will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bethesda. The event is free but registration is mandatory, please register as soon as possible as space is limited. REGISTER TODAY Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019.  11:30 – 4:00 pm EST. Location: DoubleTree Hilton – 8120 Wisconsin Avenue. Bethesda, MD...  > MORE
  CDISC and Vivli are presenting an exclusive conversation with Vivli Executive Director Dr. Rebecca Li, UCSF professor and Vivli Co-Founder Dr. Ida Sim, and CDISC President and CEO David R. Bobbitt who will discuss how data sharing and data standardization go hand-in-hand in the quest to move scientific discovery forward. View a recording of the...  > MORE
Vivli Executive Director Rebecca to will speak at the Office of Human Research Protection  (OHRP) 2019 Exploratory Workshop Privacy & Health Research in a Data-Driven World on September 19. The Bethesda, Maryland, event runs from 8.15am-4.15pm EDT and will have a live webcast. The workshop agenda includes three separate sessions related to the theme of...  > MORE
Long-term cancer survivor and patient advocate Jane Perlmutter tells us why data sharing is so important for people with rare diseases. Q: Why should we share data from clinical trials?  Jane Perlmutter: I spent half my life as a cancer survivor. At first, I thought I wouldn’t survive it–and I’ve had three more cancer diagnoses...  > MORE
Vivli board member Mark Barnes, JD, LLM will speak on a panel entitled “Sharing Individual Participant Data (IPD) from Clinical Trials and Personal Information Protection” on November 11 at the 16th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2019 in Tokyo. Find out more.    > MORE
Vivli is always looking to improve its data sharing platform and the support it provides to its users. We are asking all platform users to help us by taking our brief survey today. We will use the results of the survey to continue to develop our platform and user support. Thank you in advance for...  > MORE
Lilly will share patient-level clinical study data “We are thrilled to welcome Lilly as a member of Vivli and to be able to list their studies on the platform,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. Lilly is a global health care leader that unites caring with discovery to create medicines that make life better for...  > MORE
Vivli has been awarded Soc 2, Type 2 compliance by an independent auditor.  Service Organization Control 2, or SOC 2 compliance is a component of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)’sService Organization Control reporting platform. SOC 2 reports on controls that directly relate to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of data. In addition, the Vivli platform is built entirely...  > MORE
More than 60 participants forming 11 teams, took part in the first Vivli Microsoft Data Challenge today at District Hall in Boston. Participants were from universities including Harvard, Northeastern, Brown, and Boston as well as nearby hospitals, pharmaceutical, biotech and software companies. The data challenge focused on finding innovative solutions for how to safeguard participant...  > MORE
Join us to find solutions to problems in data privacy and rare disease clinical data sharing and network with tech and medical leaders in the field Datathon in Boston; free attendance; monetary prizes WHAT: Microsoft and Vivli, a clinical trial data sharing platform, are joining forces for a one-day datathon in Boston on data privacy and...  > MORE
Vivli’s Executive Director Rebecca Li  will speak at the 6th World Conference in Research Integrity in Hong Kong in June. Li will take part in a symposium on data sharing as it relates to research transparency.  > MORE
By Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director I started my career at a small biotech company and understand the intensity of the start-up experience as well as the experience of the more mature mid-size biotech and pharma company. Data sharing can be an after-thought to the challenges of bringing treatments to the clinic. We at Vivli...  > MORE
Boehringer Ingelheim will share patient level clinical study data with broad scientific community “We are delighted to include Boehringer Ingelheim studies on the Vivli platform,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “Leaders such as Boehringer Ingelheim are joining platforms such as Vivli to drive scientific discovery through data sharing to advance human health.” Boehringer Ingelheim...  > MORE
 In June of 2017, the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, or ICMJE, released new requirements for data sharing statements, for submissions to their publications. The ICMJE represents the most well-respected and influential publications in the biosciences, including the New England Journal of Medicine; the Lancet; Annals of Internal Medicine; the BMJ; and PLOS Medicine: These publications, and the many others which...  > MORE
Vivli will host roundtable discussions under the theme One Year On: GDPR and its Implications for Data Disclosure and Data Sharing. The meeting, scheduled for May 13, in Tokyo, Japan, will include discussion with experts in privacy and transparency of clinical trials.    Speakers at the event include:   Mark Barnes, Partner, JD, Ropes and Gray  Thomas Wicks, Chief Strategy Officer, TrialScope  Julie Wood, Director...  > MORE
Vivli’s co-founder Ida Sim to present the Vivli platform at the 2019 AMIA Informatics Summit in San Francisco, CA. Her talk entitled; Vivli: A Global Secure Data-Sharing Platform for Participant-Level Clinical Trial Data will take place Wednesday, March 27th at 1:30 pm PDT.  > MORE
Watch at your convenience the latest discussion in  Vivli’s Webinar Series: Keys to Submitting a Quality  Research Proposal to a Data Sharing Platform from March 20th. Have you ever wanted to conduct secondary research on clinical trial data to answer a research question but didn’t know how? Vivli hosted a lively webinar discussion with experts from the data sharing community on how...  > MORE
A new article highlighting the progress made in sharing clinical research data, including a mention of the Vivli platform, was published in BIO IT World today. “Vivli also has promise in making datasets findable and available through a central platform,” wrote authors Frank Rockhold, Vivli Senior Advisor, and Asba Tasneen. Both are based at the...  > MORE
Informed Consent and Data Sharing – a community discussion from Vivli is pleased to provide a recording of our latest presentation, a discussion with leading experts in informed consent and data sharing. This conversation, recorded live February 13, 2019, featured Vivli Executive Director Rebecca Li, Dr. Barbara Bierer, Faculty Director of the MRCT Center, David Peloquin, Associate at Ropes & Gray, and Dr. Stephen Rosenfeld,...  > MORE
February 18, 2019 | Dr Rebecca Li Commentary in STAT
A new commentary, published in STAT by Dr. Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director, argues that data sharing has moved from a conversation of whether or not data should be shared to one focusing on how to share data. She writes that this change has been taking place over a number of years and has been...  > MORE
Vivli’s Director of Strategy and Operations Julie Wood  was interviewed for a  new article, published February 15, in Clinical Leader . The article chronicles the formation of Vivli and its efforts to bring additional transparency and ease to data sharing efforts by the clinical research community with the launch of the Vivli platform.  > MORE
The strategic alliance enables Vivli and Trialscope to promote transparency and data sharing to advance scientific discoveries, reduce redundancies and improve patient care TrialScope, the global leader in clinical trial transparency, compliance and patient engagement solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Vivli, a nonprofit organization focused on sharing of clinical trial data through its...  > MORE
Watch at your convenience the latest presentation in Vivli’s Webinar Series: How to share and request data on Vivli   Vivli is pleased to provide an engaging presentation from Dr. Ida Sim, UCSF, on how to share and request data on Vivli.  Vivli co-founder and UCSF Professor of Medicine Dr. Ida Sim provides an overview of sharing and requesting data on Vivli. Dr. Sim will also demonstrate how researchers and...  > MORE
Executive Director Rebecca Li and Director of Strategy and Operations Julie Wood join an exciting list of speakers and at this year’s CBI Clinical Data Disclosure and Transparency Conference in Philadelphia January 29th & 30th. On January 30th, at 9:30 a.m, Julie Wood and Thomas Wicks, Chief Strategy Officer, TrialScope, will present “The Disclosure and Data Sharing Lifecycle.” At 10:30 a.m, Rebecca Li will join the TRAILBLAZER EXCHANGE  discussion as a panelist. Dr. Li will join...  > MORE
“We are very pleased to have Daiichi Sankyo make their studies available for sharing on the Vivli platform,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “Our aspiration for Vivli is to act as a bridge across all stakeholders so that their studies can be requested and analyzed on the platform to further scientific discovery and I...  > MORE
Please join us for the next presentation in Vivli’s Webinar Series: How to share and request data on Vivli. Webcast – January 24th, 11:00 am  EST Please join us on January 24th for an engaging presentation from Dr. Ida Sim, UCSF, on how to share and request data on Vivli. Vivli co-founder and UCSF Professor...  > MORE
January 7, 2019 | What is IPD meta-analysis?
Meta-analysis is a statistical technique for combining sources of quantitative evidence. It is an example of secondary analysis, which is a subsequent analysis of clinical trial data. The original, or primary analysis of the data was for the purpose that the data was collected – with regards to the data presently shared on Vivli, a...  > MORE
December 19, 2018 | Vivli 2018 Progress Report
We are delighted to share with you Vivli’s 2018 Progress Report.  Vivli would not be here today if it was not for the aid, support and encouragement of all of you. We look forward to continuing to grow together in 2019 and beyond, as leaders in data sharing and transparency, working together towards our shared...  > MORE
Ida Sim, Technical Lead, Vivli As increasing numbers of funders introduce requirements for data sharing plans, researchers have to develop a new skill: how to create and fulfill a data sharing plan. Many data sharing plan requirements from funders have similar requirements. While the specifics vary somewhat based upon the type of data and how...  > MORE
The research community is increasingly aware of the need for clear and actionable plans for sharing research data following completion of clinical trials. Key stakeholder groups have called for improving public access in order to increase the pace of research and discovery, and honor the contributions of patient involvement in clinical trials. A new commentary,...  > MORE
November 15, 2018 | IPD Meta-Analysis Webinar
An introduction to individual patient data meta-analysis using the Vivli platform Vivli was pleased to host an engaging webinar presentation on November 15 from Dr. Sarah Nevitt, University of Liverpool. The recorded webinar is available online and publicly accessible. Access this webinar to learn: • What is the difference between IPD meta-analysis and aggregate meta-analysis?...  > MORE
November 14, 2018 | Why AbbVie is a member of Vivli
Research and innovation are the cornerstones of AbbVie’s business. The company advances leading-edge science through a dynamic and collaborative approach, enabling them to find better solutions for treating the world’s most challenging diseases. AbbVie focuses on discovering, developing and delivering medicines in therapeutic areas where it has proven expertise and can make an impact. This...  > MORE
Vivli presents a conversation between Vivli Executive Director Rebecca Li and Privacy Analytics founder and CEO Dr. Khaled El-Emam. The two discuss the development and features of Vivli, and how global health research benefits from the Vivli-Privacy Analytics partnership. Use this link to view the free webinar recording: Increasing Access to a Global Good About...  > MORE
Vivli’s monthly newsletter provides a round-up of activities, resources, member profiles, and other information relevant to the global data sharing and clinical trial research community. You can subscribe at any time to receive via email, or see the most recent issues here. October 2018 issue    > MORE
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust aspires to improve lives by supporting exceptional efforts in the U.S. and around the world in health and select place-based initiatives. The mission of Vivli aligns directly with this goal.   “Every day, we are reminded of the urgent need to accelerate medical research. Too many people...  > MORE
Vivli to use Cochrane vocabulary to power Vivli’s search Cochrane and Vivli are pleased to announce their partnership aimed at helping health researchers move faster toward new treatments and cures. The first phase of the partnership has been to work together to use the Cochrane ontology to power the Vivli search. Clinical trials included or...  > MORE
Executive Director Rebecca Li joined 2018 Innovative Approaches to Clinical Biomarker Validation conference as a presenter, demonstrating for the attendees the tools Vivli provides to assist in this critical research. The one-day conference, co-hosted by PORTAL, the Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics, and the Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science, reviewed promising initiatives such as...  > MORE
October 10, 2018 | Vivli Data Analysis Challenge
Announcement and Call for Data Requests: Vivli Pioneers and Global Data Sharing Innovator Awards Vivli is proud to launch the first of its data analysis challenges to support researchers to explore the studies that are available for searching and requesting on the Vivli platform. More than 3,100 studies are available for searching across numerous disease...  > MORE
How Vivli and Privacy Analytics help data sharing for clinical trials research worldwide “Sharing clinical trial data is critical in order to inform clinical and regulatory decision making, and honor trial participants who put themselves at risk to advance science.” – Barbara E. Bierer, M.D., Rebecca Li, Ph.D., Mark Barnes, J.D., LL.M., and Ida Sim,...  > MORE
Vivli is an innovative new clinical research data sharing platform with a robust search engine that has been created to meet the needs of researchers worldwide who use clinical research data. Using the Vivli platform, researchers can access anonymized data from more than 7,000 completed clinical trials. My mission at Vivli is to lead the...  > MORE
London, U.K. Executive Director Dr. Rebecca Li spoke at the 2018 DIA Global Clinical Trials Transparency Conference. The three-day event brought together worldwide leaders in data sharing, including representatives from industry, researchers, governmental regulatory agencies and non-profits. Dr. Li introduced the Vivli platform as an innovative means of sharing individual patient data from completed clinical trials, to better support research...  > MORE
Duke University joined Vivli as a founding Member organization, expressing their support for Vivli’s mission: “Duke University School of Medicine is pleased to partner with Vivli to foster the principles of open science and data access from clinical studies,” said Adrian Hernandez, MD, Vice Dean for Clinical Research, Duke University School of Medicine. “At Duke, we...  > MORE
September 4, 2018 | Why GSK is a member of Vivli
GSK, long an industry leader in data sharing and transparency, joined Vivli as a founding Member, illustrating their ongoing commitment to moving forward efforts to drive innovation. Director of Medical Advocacy and Policy Dr. Jessica Scott participated in the Vivli platform launch event and expressed GSK’s strong support for the Vivli mission. “We began our...  > MORE
Vivli Director of Strategy and Operations Julie Wood participated as a panelist at the 2018 Disclosure and Transparency for Clinical Data Summit, which took place in Philadelphia, PA, August 13-14. Wood demonstrated the Vivli Platform for the Summit attendees, who represented a diverse cross section of the data sharing community. Vivli gives those organizations invested...  > MORE
Media Roundup: Pink Sheet: Vivli Nonprofit Hopes To Be One-Stop Shop For Clinical Trial Data Science Magazine: Online portal of thousands of clinical trials could aid disease research Healthcare Informatics: Vivli Launches Clinical Research Data-Sharing Platform Duke University: Duke University Partners with Vivli to Engage in a New Era of Open Science Social Media: Combined tweets...  > MORE
July 20, 2018 | The Vivli Platform is live
We’re excited to announce the launch of our novel clinical trial data-sharing and analytics platform. Vivli will help speed up science and discovery and allow researchers to move faster toward new treatments. Vivli is a nonprofit organization – a neutral site – housing the new platform that enables the integration of large scale clinical trial...  > MORE
Leading Institutions Sign On to International Platform Which Aims to Accelerate Medical Research Washington, DC—Today, the nonprofit organization Vivli launched a novel data-sharing and analytics platform to help researchers move faster toward new treatments and cures. This innovative platform makes it easy for researchers worldwide to discover, share and analyze data from clinical trials, regardless...  > MORE
The live webcast of the Vivli platform launch at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., on July 19 was attended by participants from all over the world. The platform is operational and accepting data requests. If you are interested in knowing more about Vivli, please contact us at   for example this...  > MORE
July 12, 2018 | Vivli Platform Launch Event
Clinical trials drive innovation and advance human health. Yet, many in the research community have long believed that we can do even more with the valuable information gathered in those trials. With the launch of the Vivli platform, the global research community will gain a powerful new way to discover, share, and analyze clinical trial data. Vivli evolved...  > MORE
CAMBRIDGE, MA-The Vivli platform is a new, groundbreaking digital platform where researchers can request and analyze clinical trial data sets in a secure research environment. Today Vivli announced a collaboration with Privacy Analytics, an industry leader sharing health data, data security and de-identification, to offer anonymization services to individuals and organizations who wish to share clinical data on the Vivli platform.   “This collaboration will enable...  > MORE
Vivli offers a new, groundbreaking digital platform where researchers can request and analyze clinical trial data sets in a secure research environment. Wellcome Trust has agreed to collaborate with Vivli and act as the secretariat for the data sharing platform’s Independent Review Panel (IRP). Vivli will launch on July 19th, in an event at the...  > MORE
Vivli Executive Director Rebecca Li gave a presentation about the Vivli platform at the Microsoft Life Sciences event, “Intelligent Medicines – Future Decoded,” in Cambridge, U.K. Dr. Li joined a distinguished roster of speakers on subjects at the intersection of health and technology, giving the audience an opportunity to learn about the Vivli platform and organization. The Vivli  platform,...  > MORE
Today is International Clinical Trials’ Day in recognition of this same date in 1747 when James Lind is believed to have begun the first known controlled trial, comparing different treatments for scurvy which was common among sailors in the British Royal Navy. “As an organization, Vivli honors all those who have come before us in...  > MORE
Today we have added a Keyword Search to complement the PICO search to enable listing studies directly into Vivli for more basic searching. This change was made based upon feedback from our users. There are now 3 ways to search for studies on the platform—using the Keyword Search, PICO search, or quick search for looking...  > MORE
Vivli’s powerful search engine allows users to preview search functionality prior to launch in July Cambridge, Mass.–Vivli opened up the beta version of its novel global platform for sharing clinical trials today. Researchers and other users can go to, try out the search functionality and provide feedback to Vivli about enhancements they would like...  > MORE
On March 13, Vivli’s Dr. Ida Sim participated in a panel of oral presentations around clinical and research data integration at the American Medical Informatics Association summit in San Francisco. Her presentation was entitled, “Vivli: A Global Secure Data Sharing Platform for Participant-level Clinical Trial Data.” Dr. Sim discussed how Vivli, as an impartial platform, will guide...  > MORE
Clinical trials drive innovation and advance human health. With the launch of the Vivli platform, the global research community will gain a powerful new way to discover, share, and analyze clinical trial data. The platform launch event will be held at the National Academies in Washington, D.C. on July 19th. Attendance at the event is...  > MORE
The sharing of clinical trial data offers researchers opportunities for validating key findings and avoiding the cost of duplicative studies, while unleashing innovations that can culminate in life-saving care. Advances in technical infrastructure mean that biomedical researchers now have more data at their fingertips than ever before, but challenges remain. In their post on Health Affairs Blog, Kim...  > MORE
Rebecca Li will represent Vivli at the 5th Annual Clinical Data Disclosure and Transparency Conference on January 30-31 at the Philadelphia Hilton Doubletree.  > MORE
On January 26, Rebecca Li will be a keynote speaker at the 2018 Biomedical Transparency Summit sponsored by the Center for Biomedical Research Transparency at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, MD. Alongside other transparency leaders, Dr. Li will address how Vivli will enhance open access and transparency for biomedical researchers, as timely communication of clinical trial findings...  > MORE
Rebecca Li, our Executive Director, has been named as a @CenterWatch 2018 Top Innovator, a list which recognizes 20 top innovators that will drive better drug development in the next decade. Congratulations, Rebecca!  > MORE
A recent feature in Scientific Computing World calls attention to the challenges faced by biomedical researchers in leveraging big data. By facilitating collaboration across organizational and geographical boundaries, providing a user-friendly interface and customizable tools to researchers, and addressing concerns over security, the Vivli platform will mitigate many of these issues and help researchers unlock the full potential...  > MORE
Vivli team members rounded off a successful year with a live demonstration of the Vivli Clinical Trial Data Sharing Platform at the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center Annual Meeting . Executive Director Rebecca Li and Julie Wood, Director of External Affairs, shared the stage with Technical Lead Ida Sim and Paul Slater, Microsoft CTO of Life...  > MORE
Cambridge, Mass. – The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has awarded a grant to Vivli, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, to support its work building a first-of-its-kind data sharing and analytics platform for clinical trial research. The innovative platform will include a data repository, analysis tools and a dynamic search engine. It will provide transparency and access to...  > MORE
Ida Sim, co-founder and technical lead of Vivli, presented today at the Academic Research Organization’s 2nd Global Network Workshop in Austin, TX. The workshop focused on the “acceleration of innovation to overcome intractable diseases”. Sim shared with the other attendees the progress of Vivli and plans to launch the innovative data-sharing and analytics platform in...  > MORE
Cambridge, MA—November 14, 2017—Vivli has secured funding from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to deliver an innovative data-sharing platform, which will make it easier to find, host and analyze clinical trial data across disease areas to accelerate medical research. This funding will augment what Vivli has already received and ensure that...  > MORE
Cambridge, Mass. – Vivli, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, has received $2 million from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation to build a first-of-its-kind data sharing platform for clinical trial research. The innovative platform will include a data repository, analysis tools and a dynamic search engine. It will provide transparency and access to clinical research data from...  > MORE
We are delighted to announce that Julie Wood will join Vivli in the role of Director of External Affairs starting in the beginning of October. Wood joins us from the Cochrane Collaboration, where she was the Head of Communications and External Affairs for the past three years. During her time at Cochrane, she developed the...  > MORE
After more than five years as the Executive Director of the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center (MRCT Center), Rebecca Li, PhD, will begin transitioning into her new role as the Executive Director of Vivli.  Dr. Li will implement Vivli’s data sharing agenda by overseeing the strategic  > MORE
Cambridge, Mass. –July 12, 2017– Vivli, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, has collaborated with BlueMetal to build a first-of-its-kind data sharing platform for clinical trial research, powered by Microsoft Azure. The innovative platform, which will include a data repository, analysis tools and a dynamic search engine, will provide transparency and access to clinical research from around the...  > MORE
The latest from Frank Rockhold at DCRI  > MORE
November 14, 2016 | Vivli is Incorporated
Vivli has been incorporated  > MORE