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How to Guides

Vivli provides the following resources to assist users of the Vivli Platform:

How To Guides

Resource Description
Vivli User Account Quick Start guide How to join the Vivli platform as a user so that you can submit a request for study data Download PDF
Vivli How To – Requesting Studies How to request studies through the Vivli platform Download PDF
Vivli Data Request Quick Start (Video) A 3 minute video showing how to submit a data request Watch video
Vivli Platform demo A short video showing the functionality of the Vivli platform Watch video
Vivli Narrative Summary Training Video Hints and tips for completing your Vivli Narrative Summary as part of your data request. Watch video
Download PDF
Vivli Data Request Form Training Video Hints and tips for completing your Vivli Data Request Form. Watch video

Additional Resources

Resource Description
Vivli Data Request Form Worksheet Worksheet of information needed to complete a Vivli data request Download PDF
NIH Data Sharing Template PDF template for using Vivli as part of NIH Data Sharing Plan Download PDF
Software and R Packages Available in the Research Environment Analytical and other software available in the research environment Download PDF
ICMJE Data Sharing Requirements How to use Vivli to meet ICMJE data sharing requirements Download PDF