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Vivli provides a global data-sharing and analytics platform to serve all elements of the international research community.

Users may search for studies, request data packages, and analyze data sets within the Vivli platform.

Data Request Process Overview

Vivli provides a global data-sharing and analytics platform to serve all elements of the international research community.

Users may search for studies, request data packages, and analyze data sets within the Vivli platform.

Data Request Process Overview

Data request review process

All data requests proceed through a data request review.

Step 1: Vivli Administrator form check — Ensure all required fields of the data request form are completed and that a qualified statistician is part of the team.

Step 2: Data Contributor Review — Check feasibility of fulfilling request.

Step 3: Independent Review Panel or Scientific Committee — Reviews based upon the merits of the research proposal.

Depending on the studies being requested for reuse, not all three steps will be completed. Please see a member’s page for the specific review process their studies or alternatively the metadata about a specific study.

Once the data request review is completed, the Data Use Agreement will be executed and the data, if not already stored in the Vivli platform, will be anonymized and uploaded for the researcher to access the data package.

Data Use Agreement

All Data Requestors wishing to receive access to data must execute the Data Use Agreement (DUA). The DUA is the product of extensive negotiation with the organizations that contribute data to Vivli, and as such, the agreement is non-negotiable. 

Vivli Data Use Agreement

See an example complete DUA here.

Before submitting your request, you may wish to review our standard Master DUA (above). Please note that the Vivli team will initiate the DUA process with researchers as a part of the data request process. When you are considering submitting a request on the Vivli platform, please prioritize submission of your data request. The DUA process generally is as follows:

  1. After a data request has passed a preliminary Vivli administrative check, Vivli will send the appropriate version of the DUA to the data requestor to read and acknowledge via DocuSign. The DocuSign envelope will specify what information is to be provided in each field for you. See these instructions for more information.
  2. Vivli will review the completed DUA and determine if revisions are required.
  3. For institutions that do not currently have a master agreement in place, Vivli will then send the DUA to the individual who is responsible for signing on behalf of your institution/organization.
  4. Once the request is approved by all data contributors and IRPs, Vivli will append your approved Final Research Plan in the field marked EXHIBIT A / RESEARCH PLAN at the end of the Data Use Agreement form, fully execute the agreement, and upload the executed version to the Signed Agreements tab on the platform for you and your institution’s reference.
  5. Once this process has been completed, the data contributor(s) will begin the process of uploading the data.

Please note that any research team members from a different institution than the Lead Investigator will also need to complete and execute a DUA if they need to access the requested data.

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance completing your DUA once received, please contact the Vivli team at and we will be happy to assist you.


Secure Research Environment Costs

The Vivli secure research environment is a cloud-based remote workspace that allows research teams to access data and conduct analyses. Download a complete list of Software and R packages available in the research environment. Users may bring in their own data, tools, algorithms, and statistical software to the Vivli secure research space upon request. All environments sizes allow 2 concurrent logins. The total number of researchers who can access a research environment at different times is unlimited. To inquire about bringing in specific tools, algorithms, and statistical software, contact Please note that not all research environments support the use of Docker. If you have specific questions about this, please reach out to our support team.

Environment TypeComputer Charge (for 2024)Size of Compute Space and Tools
Standard Research EnvironmentNo charge, 365 days
$12/day after 365 days
2CPUx&7GB size
Office 365, Jupyter Notebook, Python, STATA and R tools available**
Premium Research EnvironmentNo charge, 90 days
$25/day after 90 days
4CPUx14GB size
Office 365, Jupyter Notebook, Python, STATA, R, and SAS* tools are available**
Large Research Environment$65/day16CPUx64GB size
Tools same as above
Compute Optimized Environment$125/day32CPUx64GB size
Tools same as above
Memory Optimized Environment$275/day64CPUx128GB size
Tools same as above
Compute Optimized Environment (L)$220/day64CPUx504GB size
Tools same as above
GPU-enabled, Small$50/dayMain processors: 8 CPU, 56 Gb RAM, 1GPU, 16Gb RAM (Nvidia Tesla T4)**
GPU-enabled, Medium$85/dayMain processors: 16 CPU, 100Gb RAM, 1GPU, 16 Gb RAM (Nvidia Tesla T4)**
GPU-enabled, Very Large$280/dayMain processors: 64 CPU, 440 Gb RAM, 4 GPU, 64 Gb RAM (Nvidia Tesla T4)**

*Alternative pricing applies for industry users of SAS, email for details.

**Secure Research Environment does not support Docker.
If Docker is being used or other set up that requires additional technical support, a set up fee will apply. Reach out to to discuss your needs.