Vivli Membership

If you are from a for-profit organization and are interested in becoming a Vivli Member, please complete the following form and a Vivli team member will contact you directly. For academic institutions, find out more about the benefits of membership.

Please note that you do not have to become a member to submit a data request using the Vivli platform. You can find out more about how to submit a data request by viewing our How to Guides.

Join Vivli as a Member to benefit from our innovative, secure, and user-friendly global data sharing and analytics platform as well as the discoverability from listing your studies in Vivli’s search. Show your commitment as a leader in data sharing, and together we can drive forward scientific innovation and advance human health. 

Membership in Vivli provides the following benefits: 

  • Be seen as a leader in data sharing: join other like-minded organizations as a member of the Vivli Steering Committee. 
  • Reduce your organization’s workload: Vivli will oversee requests about your data, while you take advantage of Vivli’s unified request process and agreements.
  • Increase discoverability: maximize the visibility of your clinical trials by including them in Vivli’s platform search.

Members can choose to employ all or some of the benefits listed above.

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