Projects at Vivli

Vivli works with many partners and funders to further its vision to advance human health through clinical research data sharing, to respect and honor the contributions of clinical research participants.

Platform Scale-up

Vivli is working to update the underlying platform infrastructure so that it will have the ability to enable larger scale data handling (imaging, genomics). This work is supported by the Helmsley Charitable Trust, a long-time funder of Vivli.

Covid Therapeutics Accelerator

Vivli has received a grant from the Wellcome Trust, which aims to improve the access and re-use of COVID-related clinical trials data. This will include data from trials funded by the Coronavirus Therapeutics Accelerator (CTA), an initiative launched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome and Mastercard to speed up the response to the Covid-19 pandemic by identifying, assessing, developing, and scaling up Covid-19 treatments. Vivli has received these funds as part of the consortium’s efforts to encourage and enhance the sharing of COVID-19 data.

Additionally, the grant will help Vivli improve its existing infrastructure to make studies that are available on Vivli easier to find and surface more data usage metrics. In addition, the grant provides funding for Vivli to work with the Infectious Disease Data Observatory (IDDO) to make COVID studies in its platform also available for searching and requesting on Vivli.

AMR Register (Antimicrobial Resistance)

The AMR Register (Antimicrobial Resistance), leverages Vivli’s existing technology to make it possible for biopharmaceutical companies to share susceptibility data on infection causing pathogens in one online platform, marking a critical step in combating the growing global health threat of antimicrobial resistance. With the active participation from leading pharmaceutical and biotech enterprises, researchers will be able to use the AMR Register to translate masses of antimicrobial resistance surveillance data into meaningful action that saves lives and preserves antibiotics for future generations. Find out more

AD Data Initiative/Gates Ventures

Working with Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative to enable federated access to Alzheimer’s data across platforms for broader sharing and encourage broader re-use of data to advance scientific knowledge to help combat this devastating disease.

NIH Generalist Repository


Vivli has been named one of six generalist repositories that will work with the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS) as part of the Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI). This initiative will enable better access to and discovery of NIH-funded data among generalist repositories and aims to supplement the domain-specific data repositories that are critical components of the NIH biomedical data ecosystem for data sharing.

“Vivli is delighted to be working with the NIH to ensure that the clinical research funded by the NIH is as discoverable and accessible as possible,” said Rebecca Li, Phd, Vivli Executive Director, co-PI on this award. “We look forward to supporting NIH-funded researchers to support their data sharing efforts. With key partnerships in place to improve the data sharing ecosystem, we have a tremendous opportunity to advance science.”

These repositories will work together to address and implement a common set of capabilities that comply with desirable repository characteristics (NOT-OD-21-016), establish metrics to optimally measure usage and impact, develop use cases for data sharing, and train and educate researchers on FAIR data and the importance of data sharing. This initiative also aims to improve discoverability of data within and across participating generalist repositories and accelerate reproducibility and reuse of data. More information on how Vivli meets the NIH repository desirable characteristics.

“This award opens up opportunities to leverage our unique expertise in the clinical research space and establish a functioning data sharing ecosystem for NIH researchers alongside other generalist repositories”, said Ida Sim, MD, Phd, Professor of Medicine, UCSF, co-founder of Vivli and a Co-PI on this award.

Other than Vivli, GREI includes 6 additional established generalist repositories:
Mendeley Data
Open Science Framework
More information can be found on the NIH website

Helmsley Charitable Trust RFP

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust’s Type 1 Diabetes Program announced the launch of their initiative to support novel, real-world solutions to help people with type 1 diabetes exercise safely and to improve their quality of life. Helmsley collaborated with the Jaeb Center for Health Research (JCHR) and a group of investigators to conduct two large observational exercise studies in people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and is now making the data from the studies publicly available with Vivli. To amplify its impact, Helmsley is also opening a request for proposals (RFP) for researchers, clinicians, and data scientists to analyze the data and test novel solutions in people with T1D.

“Vivli is delighted to facilitate access to these important data sets through a Helmsley grant, and to play a part in the advancement of T1D scientific research,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director.

Concept notes for the RFP are due by April 30, 2023, and full proposals will be invited for submission later in 2023. Read Helmsley’s full press release here.



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