Why we support Vivli



Vivli brings together a broad, diverse community of stakeholders with a shared goal: to advance human health through the insights and discoveries gained by sharing and analyzing data. 

Vivli acts as a neutral broker between data contributor, data user, and the wider data sharing community, and is ideally situated to reflect and include a variety of important perspectives. Below, you can read the statements of many Vivli supporters, in their own words:


“We’re committed to sharing data as a way to fuel treatment breakthroughs for muscular dystrophy. Vivli makes that possible.”

– Debra Miller, founder and CEO, CureDuchenne

“Duke University School of Medicine is pleased to partner with Vivli to foster the principles of open science and data access from clinical studies. At Duke, we are committed to developing research polices, platforms, and methods to provide appropriate access to research information, with the ultimate goal of expediting the development of new treatments to improve the health of patients around the world.”

– Adrian Hernandez, MD, Vice Dean for Clinical Research, Duke University School of Medicine

Duke University School of Medicine

Helmsley Charitable Trust

“Every day, we are reminded of the urgent need to accelerate medical research. Too many people around the world are suffering from disease and need more effective treatments. Partners like Vivli offer a unique opportunity for research institutions to maximize their impact by sharing data and working together to propel new scientific discoveries forward.”

– Stephanie Cuskley, CEO of the Helmsley Charitable Trust

“Pfizer participates in Vivli and other data-sharing platforms and collaborations because we believe that providing access to clinical data, when managed responsibly and in ways that respect patients’ privacy and preferences, may advance scientific knowledge and public health. We hope that the Vivli platform will help the research community to solve unanswered questions for the benefit of patients.”

– Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer

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UCB logo

“UCB has worked with the Vivli platform and its team as it has grown and developed and we are thrilled to be joining Vivli. We look forward to working with the Vivli team as well as the other members to continue to share our data and advance scientific research.”

— Liz Roberts, Senior Director, Strategic Data Opportunities Policy Lead at UCB

NIDDK-CR’s inclusion within Vivli as part of GREI enhances NIDDK’s repository infrastructure and improves discoverability and reuse of NIDDK-hosted resources. . . . It also provides opportunities to the NIDDK scientific community at large who share a common goal of building worthy data ecosystems under FAIR and TRUST principles for data management and digital repositories

— Rebecca Rodriguez, Ph.D., Clinical & Repository Program Specialist, NIDDK-CR

Vivli offers a great opportunity for Bayer to further strengthen our commitments to transparency and data sharing for our clinical trials

— Sigrid Achenbach, Head of Clinical Trial Transparency, Bayer

We are delighted to be sharing Ipsen anonymized clinical trial data on Vivli. Responsible data sharing, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, is essential to accelerate innovation and drive positive impact for patients whilst safeguarding patient data.

— Heather White, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development Operations R&D, Ipsen

Data generated by NIH HEAL holds the key to helping patients and communities devastated by the opioid crisis, as well as those seeking relief for unmanaged chronic pain that limits all aspects of life. Vivli offers a valuable tool for researchers in HEAL and beyond to access this rich set of data stored in various repositories that meet security and privacy standards – giving HEAL researchers a great option to leverage their data for new discovery and long-term preservation.

— Rebecca Baker, Ph.D., Director, NIH HEAL Initiative