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Training videos for researchers available on YouTube

Vivli is delighted to launch the first in a series of training videos aimed at researchers interested in accessing individual participant level data (IPD).

These short and informative data sharing videos can help a first-time requester of data or a more experienced secondary analysis researcher. Topics include:

• What is typically provided in the data package? How do these documents inter-relate?
• Why are data anonymized prior to sharing and how might this affect my analysis?
• Case examples of where key information may be located in the relevant data documents

For additional ideas for our next series of training videos contact:

If you are interested in starting a search for individual participant level data from clinical trials please see

These videos are open for use by the data sharing community. Please share them widely.

What are the Supporting Documents Provided Along with the IPD?

Why is the Data Anonymized/De-Identified Prior to Sharing?

What is a Clinical Study Report (CSR)?