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June 2, 2022 | Upcoming Vivli Webinar: How Vivli Promotes Discoverability of Partner Platforms and Repositories

Vivli will share how we work with our platform partners, including NIH Domain Repository partners, to enhance discoverability of their data. Vivli has recently been named a Generalist Repository as part of the NIH GREI initiative.

A primary objective of the GREI initiative is to supplement the NIH domain-specific data repositories in their data sharing.

The speakers will share case studies and a live demonstration of how the repositories work together to promote re-use.

This webinar will also cover how Vivli supports NIH-funded researchers in advance of the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy that begins in January 2023.

The webinar will be held onĀ June 22nd at 11AM EDT / 8AM PDT

Register here today!

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Vivli and how it works to support NIH researchers in their data sharing efforts
  • Case studies of how Vivli works with NIH domain repositories such as ImmPORT to make their data more discoverable and promote reuse
  • Live demonstration of the Vivli platform
  • Q&A

Speakers include:
Ishwar Chandramouliswaran, NIH
Dawei Lin,
Ida Sim, Vivli and UCSF