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Vivli Webinar: How Vivli Promotes Discoverability of Partner Platforms and Repositories

Vivli held a webinar to share how we work with our platform partners, including NIH Domain Repository partners, to enhance discoverability of their data. Vivli has recently been named a Generalist Repository as part of the NIH GREI initiative.

A primary objective of the GREI initiative is to supplement the NIH domain-specific data repositories in their data sharing.

The speakers shared case studies and a live demonstration of how the repositories work together to promote re-use.

This webinar covered how Vivli supports NIH-funded researchers in advance of the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy that begins in January 2023.

The webinar was held on June 22nd, 2022.


Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Vivli and how it works to support NIH researchers in their data sharing efforts
  • Case studies of how Vivli works with NIH domain repositories such as ImmPORT to make their data more discoverable and promote reuse
  • Live demonstration of the Vivli platform
  • Q&A

Speakers include:
Ishwar Chandramouliswaran, NIH
Dawei Lin,
Ida Sim, Vivli and UCSF