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Joint Vivli and CDISC webinar: Why Data Sharing and Data Standardization Matters


CDISC and Vivli are presenting an exclusive conversation with Vivli Executive Director Dr. Rebecca Li, UCSF professor and Vivli Co-Founder Dr. Ida Sim, and CDISC President and CEO David R. Bobbitt who will discuss how data sharing and data standardization go hand-in-hand in the quest to move scientific discovery forward. View a recording of the webinar.


Topics will include:

  • The importance of data sharing and shifting the data sharing landscape
  • How to increase data utility:  the benefits of data standardization
  • Working together


David Bobbitt, President & CEO, CDISC

Dr. Rebecca Li, Co-Founder, Vivli

Dr. Ida Sim, Co-Founder, Vivli; Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

By bringing together a global community of experts to develop and advance data standards of the highest quality, CDISC creates clarity in clinical research. CDISC enables the accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of data for more meaningful and efficient research that has greater impact on global health.