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Share your COVID-19-related Trials on the Vivli Portal

d-wise offers anonymization services to studies available on Vivli COVID-19 portal 

Breaking News— d-wise and Vivli are partnering to accelerate COVID-19 data sharing.  d-wise will waive fees to anonymize COVID-19 studies made available through the Vivli platform. Vivli launched its COVID-19 portal last week and announced it will waive fees to share, archive and access all of its clinical trials related to COVID-19.

“We are deeply grateful by the offers of support we have received to lower the barriers to those conducting COVID-19 clinical trials,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “Making anonymization as easy as possible for those sharing COVID-19 clinical trials is a vital step forward so that these data can be shared more widely. We are pleased to be able to provide an end-to-end offering for COVID-19 data sharing.”

“Sharing data powers medical innovation. The time is now – we encourage those conducting clinical research to contribute and share data as part of the global response,” said Stephen Baker, Director of Strategic Accounts at d-wise. “d-wise is proud to play its part to accelerate the sharing ecosystem in the fight against COVID-19.”

Vivli is working with d-wise, along with other stakeholders, to share the data from COVID-19 trials.

About d-wise:

 d-wise is committed to helping pharmaceutical, biotech, contract research organizations, and medical device companies navigate technology change in pursuit of human health and wellbeing. With deep domain experience in biometrics, software engineering, statistical programming, standards, and change management, d-wise products and services power innovation to accelerate clinical trial data analysis and data sharing.

For questions and inquiries, please contact d-wise at or visit

If you have other ways you can contribute to the COVID-19 effort, please let us know.

The current pandemic represents an opportunity for scientists and partners to work together towards a global response. On March 20, 2020  for sharing of clinical trials. All fees will be waived for sharing and access. Find out more about the process.

Vivli announced the launch of the COVID-19 portal as part of our desire to do our part in response to the global pandemic. We believe this will help us work toward our ultimate vision to advance human health through clinical research data sharing and to respect and honor the contributions of clinical research participants. As we all confront this challenging situation, the time for sharing data and ensuring that we are all doing what we can as a scientific community to advance human health has never been more pressing.

If you or your organization has research data from a COVID-19 related trial to share or wish to connect with Vivli on how your organization can help, please get in touch with us in filling out the form below and we will respond shortly.

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