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Ida Sim Showcases Vivli Platform at the 2018 AMIA Informatics Summit

On March 13, Vivli’s Dr. Ida Sim participated in a panel of oral presentations around clinical and research data integration at the American Medical Informatics Association summit in San Francisco. Her presentation was entitled, “Vivli: A Global Secure Data Sharing Platform for Participant-level Clinical Trial Data.” Dr. Sim discussed how Vivli, as an impartial platform, will guide and create standards for individual participant-level data sharing, offering solutions to some of the problems that have long beset clinical researchers. Utilizing natural language processing technology, Vivli will identify information about participant Population, Intervention, Comparator and Outcome (PICO) elements and transform that information into fully searchable, computable fields.

A lively discussion about existing models of information sharing and future directions for the management of participant-level clinical trial data followed the presentation. If you attended the AMIA Informatics Summit and would like to learn more about Vivli, please get in touch with members of our team at to arrange a platform demo for your institution or company.