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Privacy Analytics partners with Vivli to offer anonymization of COVID-19 vaccine and pivotal trials

Privacy Analytics has partnered with Vivli in a consortium to accelerate the COVID-19 response through sharing of participant data from COVID-19 clinical trials via Vivli’s COVID-19 portal.

“Privacy Analytics is wholly committed to the global effort to respond to COVID-19. We have the collective will, the personal urgency and the technical ability to make a meaningful difference in the fight against COVID-19,” said Sarah Lyons, General Manager, Privacy Analytics. “We are committed to working with Vivli and doing our part to accelerate treatment for COVID-19. I am encouraged and inspired by the dedication and the devotion of our team, and by the speed with which the global healthcare community has rallied in this time of crisis.”

As jointly announced at our April 2 webinar, Privacy Analytics will waive fees to anonymize data from qualifying COVID-19 vaccine and pivotal drug trials. Vivli has also waived all fees to share, archive and access COVID-19 trials.

“We are appreciative of our long-term partnership with Privacy Analytics,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “Making anonymization as easy as possible for those sharing COVID-19 clinical trials is a vital step forward so that these data can be shared more widely.”