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Vivli releases major update of the platform

Version 2.0 of the Vivli platform has been released and is available to users.

“The improvements to the underlying infrastructure of Vivli should have major benefits to our users,” said Julie Wood, Vivli Director of Strategy and Operations. “We have updated Vivli to take advantage of many of the newer benefits of Microsoft Azure, including the option for users to have larger, more optimized research environments as well as the ability to process and analyze up to 1T of data.”

The release includes several new features:

  • In the research environment, ability to process and analyze much larger data files (up to 1T of data)
  • Option for researchers to choose for larger, optimized research environments to conduct their analysis
  • Ability for researchers to add R packages from CRAN not already included as standard
  • Updated suite of tools and software as standard in the research environment
  • Metadata available about Vivli studies in Google Dataset Search
  • Ability for supporting documents to be made available to researchers searching for studies