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IPD Meta-Analysis Webinar

An introduction to individual patient data meta-analysis using the Vivli platform

Vivli was pleased to host an engaging webinar presentation on November 15 from Dr. Sarah Nevitt, University of Liverpool.

The recorded webinar is available online and publicly accessible.

Access this webinar to learn:
• What is the difference between IPD meta-analysis and aggregate meta-analysis?
• When is IPD meta-analysis the best approach to use?
• How can a platform like Vivli facilitate my research?

Dr. Nevitt’s presentation includes specific examples of IPD meta-analysis and practical aspects of retrieval of IPD from different and sources, including pharmaceutical sponsored trials and publicly funded trials. She also addresses the question of what to do when not all IPD is available for analysis.

Presenter bio:
Dr. Sarah Nevitt has a background of Mathematics and Statistics; with a BSc from the University of Liverpool in Mathematical Sciences with a European Language, an MSc in Medical Statistics from the University of Leicester and a PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Liverpool. Her doctoral thesis examines the impact of data sharing and data transparency on the conduct of individual participant data syntheses. Within her role at the Department of Biostatistics, she supports Cochrane authors on as the Statistical Editor of the Cochrane Epilepsy Group and she has authored eight IPD reviews in Epilepsy. She also has experience of Health Technology Assessment, Single Technology Appraisals, analysis of clinical trials and statistical consultancy.