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Why GSK is a member of Vivli

GSK, long an industry leader in data sharing and transparency, joined Vivli as a founding Member, illustrating their ongoing commitment to moving forward efforts to drive innovation. Director of Medical Advocacy and Policy Dr. Jessica Scott participated in the Vivli platform launch event and expressed GSK’s strong support for the Vivli mission.

“We began our journey sharing data with researchers in 2013 with a vision of a global data sharing platform, a one-stop shop where researchers could access data across industry, academic and government funded trials,” said Jessica Scott, Director Medical Advocacy and Policy at GlaxoSmithKline. “We are committed to transparency and accelerating the rate of scientific innovation to ultimately improve patient care. We are pleased to be contributing our trials to Vivli and we look forward to greater data sharing and use of these data across the clinical research enterprise.”

GSK also tweeted about the Vivli launch, reaching their more than 160,000 followers:



See video of Dr. Scott’s comments at the Vivli launch event on July 19 below: