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NIDDK Central Repository joins Vivli to make its studies more discoverable and further scientific value

Vivli and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will be working together to broaden exposure and discoverability of NIDDK data. As part of Vilvi’s award to serve as one of six generalist repositories that will work with the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy under its Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI), NIDDK will include NIDDK Central Repository (NIDDK-CR) resources in the Vivli global clinical research data sharing platform.

“We are delighted to include large, multicenter NIDDK-funded studies on our platform as well as support other researchers directly who are funded by NIDDK,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli executive director. “Vivli is excited to partner with NIDDK to aid in the discovery of these valuable data sets and help to maximize research participants’ contributions.”

The NIDDK-CR is a contract-supported and centrally-managed repository that acquires, stores, and distributes resources generated from large, multicenter studies.

“NIDDK-CR’s inclusion within Vivli as part of GREI enhances NIDDK’s repository infrastructure and improves discoverability and reuse of NIDDK-hosted resources,” said Rebecca Rodriguez, Ph.D., NIDDK-CR program director. “It also provides opportunities to the NIDDK scientific community at large who share a common goal of building worthy data ecosystems under FAIR and TRUST principles for data management and digital repositories.”

For more information about the data NIDDK-CR will share on Vivli, please visit their member page. For additional information about Vivli membership, learn more here.