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Watch at your convenience the latest discussion in Vivli’s Webinar Series: Keys to Submitting a Quality Research Proposal to a Data Sharing Platform

Watch at your convenience the latest discussion in  Vivli’s Webinar SeriesKeys to Submitting a Quality  Research Proposal to a Data Sharing Platform from March 20th.

Have you ever wanted to conduct secondary research on clinical trial data to answer a research question but didn’t know how? Vivli hosted a lively webinar discussion with experts from the data sharing community on how to submit a quality research  proposal with all the information needed for clinical trial sponsors and independent review panels (IRP) to make a decision  about your request.  This webinar is focused on helping researchers create the best research proposal possible, including navigating the review process.  

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Key topics covered:  

 -What resources are available to help formulate your research proposals? 

-What are the key elements that sponsors and IRPs look for in a request? 

-What are some commonly overlooked issues in research proposals? 

-What hints and tips would our panel provide to researchers when developing their proposal? 

-What are some key reasons for application revisions? 

-What is the key to formulating a strong and testable hypothesis? 

Panelists include:  

Cynthia Holas, AbbVie

Dr. Sonali Kochhar, Wellcome Trust IRP member   

Georgina Humphreys, Wellcome Trust secretariat  

Joe Ross and Ginger Gamble, the YODA Project  

Moderator: Rebecca Li, Executive Director, Vivli