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How our team supports users on the Vivli Platform

Vivli is an innovative new clinical research data sharing platform with a robust search engine that has been created to meet the needs of researchers worldwide who use clinical research data. Using the Vivli platform, researchers can access anonymized data from more than 7,000 completed clinical trials.

My mission at Vivli is to lead the Operations team. Our team is proud to support our users on the platform in three important ways.

  1. Personalized support. We help users from request submission through the analysis process, and all the way to publication. By providing one-to-one interaction throughout, we’re available to answer specific questions regarding the Vivli platform, and to ensure that the experience is positive and efficient.
  2. The option to bring in your own statistical tools and data. Vivli allows you to incorporate your own tools and data sets into the platform. The ease and flexibility of Vivli’s platform allows you to spend less time on the process and more time focusing on your research.
  3. Streamlined process for Data Use Agreements. We harmonize legal agreements to streamline access to data. The first time your institution signs our Data Use Agreement is the only time they will have to sign it. After that point, only the lead researcher will have to sign the agreement. This should shorten the time between requesting and accessing data. Vivli makes sure you spend more time on science and less time on paperwork.

Sharing data is a critical component of high-quality research. We’ve created a support system for researchers who want to access or share data because we believe scientists should be doing science – not being bogged down by paperwork and processes. Vivli is working closely with our partners to make sure that our processes for sharing and accessing data are effective, responsive, and transparent. Visit our platform, or contact us directly at, to learn more about how we can help with managing your clinical research data, or requesting data for use in your research.

Julie Wood, Director of Strategy and Operations