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Vivli Data Analysis Challenge

Announcement and Call for Data Requests: Vivli Pioneers and Global Data Sharing Innovator Awards

Vivli is proud to launch the first of its data analysis challenges to support researchers to explore the studies that are available for searching and requesting on the Vivli platform. More than 3,100 studies are available for searching across numerous disease areas including hypertension, asthma, Crohn’s disease, dementia, and diabetes.

To encourage researchers to derive innovative analysis, drive forward scientific discoveries, and honor the contributions of trial participants, Vivli is launching two awards—the Vivli Pioneer and the Vivli Global Data Sharing Innovator Awards.


The Vivli Pioneer Award will be conferred to the first approved 10 data requests that initiate analysis.  The lead investigators of these data requests will receive $1,000 awards.

The Vivli Global Data Sharing Innovator Award will be conferred to the first 10 data requests that complete and publish their analysis in a peer-reviewed journal. The lead investigator of the data request team (or designated team member) will receive a travel award to enable presenting these results at a future global Vivli Data Sharing meeting.

Winners of the Vivli Pioneer Award are also eligible for the Vivli Global Data Sharing Innovator Award.


The award is open to all researchers and researcher teams other than those directly employed by for-profit companies.

For questions please contact Please use subject line: Vivli Analysis Data Challenge.

How to submit entries:

To be considered for either award, you need to submit a data request on the Vivli platform.


Don’t delay, the first ten data requests that meet either award requirements will be selected. So the sooner you submit a data request the more likely you are to receive the Vivli Pioneer Award. You can then conduct your analysis and, once your results are published in a peer-reviewed journal, be awarded the Vivli Global Data Sharing Innovator Award.

Data Requests should include:

Data Challenge Analysis Requests will follow the Vivli Data Request process. More information, including how to fill out a data request, is available in the Resources section of our site.

To be eligible for the Vivli Pioneer Award and/or the Vivli Global Data Sharing Innovator Award, applicants must request and be approved for more than one study for analysis.

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