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Cochrane and Vivli formalise partnership aimed at accelerating global medical research

Vivli to use Cochrane vocabulary to power Vivli’s search

Cochrane and Vivli are pleased to announce their partnership aimed at helping health researchers move faster toward new treatments and cures. The first phase of the partnership has been to work together to use the Cochrane ontology to power the Vivli search. Clinical trials included or cited on the Vivli platform are annotated using the Cochrane PICO ontology and vocabulary.

Vivli is a non-profit organization that promotes clinical trial data sharing via a platform designed to serve all elements of the international research community. Cochrane members were invited to try out the Vivli beta website prior to its launch in July.

“This partnership will make it easier to discover and access clinical trial data on the Vivli platform,” said Julie Wood, Vivli’s Director of Strategy and Operations. “Cochrane’s ontology will improve discoverability of data on the Vivli platform and advance quality research. We hope this relationship will continue to grow as we work to make it easier for Cochrane researchers to access clinical trial data. This new partnership will further promote Cochrane’s mission of promoting evidence-informed health decision-making by producing high-quality, relevant, accessible systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence.”

Chris Mavergames, Head of Informatics & Technology (IT) Services said, “Cochrane is delighted to be working with Vivli to improve access to clinical trial data, and to put our pioneering work in Linked Data into practice for the benefit of the research community worldwide.”

The Vivli platform helps researchers worldwide to discover, share, and analyze data from clinical trials, regardless of who sponsored the research or where the research took place.