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Vivli to launch a portal for sharing data from COVID-19 trials

Access to data from completed coronavirus trials would be made available to all qualified researchers

Cambridge, MA–In a visible sign of data sharing leadership, Vivli, the Center for Clinical Research Data, has committed to serving the open science community through the launch of a COVID-19 portal for sharing of completed interventional treatment trial data. All member and user fees would be waived for sharing and access.

“Today, we are announcing this initiative as it is so important for the entire data sharing community to come together and do everything we can to share the data from these completed clinical trials,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director. “Sharing data transparently and openly is the best way to honor the decisions made by participants in these trials and bring us closer to safe and effective treatments and vaccines.”

Vivli co-founder, UCSF professor and lead author of a Science article published today that advocates for more open data sharing by the NIH echoed these concerns.

“Vivli has been at the forefront of data sharing and I am delighted to see us do all that we can to advance the knowledge around the COVID-19 pandemic,” Sim said. “Vivli was created to make data sharing practical and easy to do. COVID-19 trials should be made open to all researchers so that no stone is left unturned in reviewing and analyzing the data.”

The new article, published in the Policy Forum section of Science by Vivli and key data transparency leaders advocates for additional changes and enhancements to strengthen the current draft NIH Data Sharing Policy. In the piece the authors recommend, “Specific, practical, and implementable NIH policies can help transform academic culture and practice toward routine data sharing.”

Authors of the article include Ida Sim, Michael Stebbins, Barbara E. Bierer, Atul J. Butte, Jeffrey Drazen, Victor Dzau, Adrian F. Hernandez, Harlan M. Krumholz, Bernard Lo, Bernard Munos, Eric Perakslis, Frank Rockhold, Joseph S. Ross, Sharon F. Terry, Keith R. Yamamoto, Deborah A. Zarin and Rebecca Li.

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