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Vivli Senior Director Julie Wood Speaks at 19th Annual DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2022

Vivli’s Senior Director, Julie Wood, spoke at the 19th Annual DIA Japan Annual Meeting in Tokyo, Japan on October 11th for “Implementing Data Sharing in a Time of Pandemic.” The panel also included chair Azusa Tsukida, senior advisor to Vivli, and Dr. Oladayo Oyelola, Senior Director of Clinical Trial Information Disclosure at Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

The theme of the 19th DIA Japan Annual Meeting is “New ‘Quest for the future’- Moving Creativity and Innovation Forward in ‘New Normal.’” Now that the world has experienced COVID-19, all will explore the future in a new normal environment. COVID-19 has brought about dramatic changes in our lives and activities. While face-to-face work declined dramatically, digital transformation accelerated quickly. This also promoted extremely rapid development of vaccines and therapeutic agents, as well as new clinical trial models including telemedicine. In addition, the importance of self-care associated with refraining from visiting medical institutions and the importance of addressing the issue of infodemics were reaffirmed.