Center for Global Research Data

Vivli Secure Research Environment

The Vivli secure research environment is a cloud-based remote workspace. The Vivli secure research environment allows research teams to access data and conduct analyses in a shared workspace that is equipped with analytical tools and may be flexibly configured.

Environment Type

Compute Charge (for 2018-2019)

Size of Compute Space and Tools

Standard Research Environment 

 No charge, 365 days (may be paused to extend)

$12/day after 365 days

 (2CPUx7GB) size

Jupyter notebook, Python, STATA and R tools available. 

Premium Research Environment

90 days no charge

$25/day after first 90 days

(4CPUx14GB) size

Jupyter notebook, Python, R, STATA and SAS (academic license) tools are available

Larger sizes available upon request.

Users may bring in their own data, tools, algorithms and statistical software to the Vivli secure research space upon request. To enquire about bringing in specific tools, algorithms and statistical software, contact