2023 Progress Report
Five Years of Data Sharing

Dear Friends,

It was with great pleasure that we marked Vivli’s five-year anniversary in 2023. Data sharing has come a long way since our launch in 2018 and we’re proud to have played a role in maximizing the value of clinical trial data by making it available for re-use.

Throughout this time, we have stayed laser-focused on making it easy for researchers to share and access clinical trial data. In 2023, we released version 3.0 of the Vivli platform and launched our Portals feature to highlight therapeutic areas of interest to the research community. We also worked closely with NIH grantees to help them use Vivli to meet the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy requirements—a landmark policy which went into effect this year.

While 2023 was a major milestone for Vivli and for data sharing in general, we know there is still much more work to do to improve discoverability of data and data re-use. We’re eagerly looking ahead to Vivli’s next five years—and beyond. Our November meeting at the National Academy of Medicine set the stage for an exciting future of data sharing and re-use, and we’re energized to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

With much gratitude for the support and collaboration from our members, researchers, advisors and funders in 2023. Best wishes to you and your families for the New Year!




2023 Highlights

Making an impact
with research Read more
This year we marked the publication of 200th public disclosure from research teams who have re-used data from clinical trials made available on the Vivli platform. Their research is having a direct impact on patients by providing new insights into treatment plans and shaping clinical guidelines. Hear their stories here and here.
Increasing access to
NIH-funded data Read more
Vivli was named one of six generalist repositories that will work with the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS) as part of the Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI). With data from NIH-funded research, the data sharing ecosystem will be vastly expanded—and so will the opportunities to advance science.
Addressing AMR (antimicrobial resistance),
the next “silent pandemic” Read more
Vivli has launched a second major platform to share industry surveillance data with the support of 7 major industry partners. To encourage re-use, we ran a successful data challenge funded by Wellcome in April 2023 and announced a number of winning solutions that generated new insights and applications in AMR as a result of this effort.
Shaping the next 10 years in data sharing Read more
We hosted researchers, data contributors, publishers and funders at the National Academy of Medicine in Washington, D.C. to collectively reflect on the seminal 2015 IOM report Sharing Clinical Trial Data: Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Risk and chart a course for the future.

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