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Center for Global Research Data

Independent Review Panel

Panel members listed below review Research Proposals in a personal capacity, not as representatives of the organisations listed.

Click here for the Independent Review Panel Charter.

Jeffrey Koplan

Jeffrey P Koplan, MD, MPH (Chair)

President for Global Health, Emory University, United States

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Alan Chant

Alan Chant – Public Member

Patient & Public Involvement member of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration Board, NICE Guidelines groups, Cancer Research UK groups and other UK research organisations

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Doug Altman

Carrol Gamble

Professor of Medical Statistics at the University of Liverpool

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Sonali Kochhar

Sonali Kochhar, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Global Health, University of Washington, Seattle;
Medical Director, Global Healthcare Consulting

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Madeleine Murtagh

Madeleine Murtagh

Chair in Sociology and Bioethics at the Centre for Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences, Newcastle University

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