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About AccessClinicalData@NIAID is an NIAID cloud-based, secure data platform that enables sharing of and access to reports and data sets from NIAID COVID-19 and other sponsored clinical trials for the basic and clinical research community.
How we share on the Vivli Platform AccessClinicalData@NIAID studies are listed for searching on the Vivli platform. To obtain AccessClinicalData@NIAID data packages, data requestors need to complete a data access request form on the AccessClinicalData@NIAID platform. If AccessClinicalData@NIAID approves the request, the data requestor will procure the data packages directly from the AccessClinicalData@NIAID platform.
What information will be provided Data Set and Data Dictionary
Review Criteria for Data Requests NIAID Data Access Committee

  • Are the research project, objectives, study design and analysis plan clearly described
  • Ensure that the requested data set is consistent with the use of the data described in the research use statement
  • Ensure that the research project described in the research use statement is consistent with any data use limitations for the specific, requested data set.
Clinical Study Register or Website https://accessclinicaldata.niaid.nih.gov