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Critical Path Institute

About Critical Path Institute (C-Path), founded in 2005 in Tucson, Arizona, is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together experts from regulatory agencies, industry, patient and disease foundations and academia to collaborate and improve the medical product development process. 

C-Path consortia focus on specific patient populations, therapeutic areas, or cross-cutting drug development challenges. These include Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, tuberculosis, neonatal therapies, and drug safety testing, among others. 

C-Path develops tools for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of medical products. We share ideas, we share data, and we share risks and costs to move the consensus-based science forward. 

How we share on the Vivli Platform  The C-Path Data Collaboration Center (DCC) hosts clinical study data from multiple contributors which are anonymized, standardized and aggregated for a given disease. Metadata for the individual studies are listed for searching on the Vivli platform. To obtain the aggregated data packages hosted by C-Path for analysis in the Vivli platform, data requestors need to complete a data request through the C-Path Online Data Repository (CODR) platform. If the request is approved, the data requestor will procure the aggregated data packages directly from the C-Path CODR platform and these can be uploaded into the Vivli platform.
When Studies are Available for sharing Aggregated data packages will be available for sharing once the requestor has completed the data request application through the C-Path CODR platform and has been approved for access. 
Additional Conditions for Access Approved users must agree to the C-Path Terms and Conditions in order to access the requested aggregated data packages. 
What information will be provided Anonymized, standardized, aggregated data packages will be provided to approved users. 
Questions or enquiries Questions or enquiries about C-Path aggregated data packages or the C-Path CODR platform should be made to: info@c-path.org 
Clinical Study Register or Website  https://www.c-path.org/programs/dcc