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DASH Data and Specimen Hub

About The NICHD Data and Specimen Hub (DASH) is an NICHD-funded controlled access data repository established to facilitate data sharing and access to biospecimens for NICHD clinical research.
How we share
DASH studies are listed for searching on the Vivli platform to increase the findability of DASH study data.  To obtain DASH study data for analysis, data requesters should submit a data access request through the DASH website.  Approved requesters may download study data and associated documentation directly from DASH for analysis.
How to request data access
A data request checklist, sample Data Use Agreement, tutorial, and webinars are available at NICHD DASH – Request Resources.
Terms and conditions of data access:
Review the sample Data Use Agreement for terms and conditions of data access and use.  The Data Use Agreement must be signed by an Authorized Organization Representative at the requester’s institution.  Certain studies have additional access requirements and/or data use limitations, and these are listed in the Study Information section of each study page.
Clinical Study Register or Website https://dash.nichd.nih.gov/