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NIDDK-CR R4R- a program of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, NIH

About The NIDDK Central Repository (NIDDK-CR) is a contract supported and centrally managed repository that acquires, stores, and distributes resources generated from large multicenter studies supported by NIDDK. The mission of the NIDDK-CR is to facilitate sharing of resources for secondary uses. Secondary research use helps to maximize research participants contributions and decreases duplicative sampling efforts, increasing the scientific value and impact of the originating study.
How we share on the Vivli Platform NIDDK-CR studies are listed for searching on the Vivli platform. To obtain resources, data requestors are required to register with NIDDK-CR as registered users and complete a data access request application on the NIDDK-CR R4R website. If NIDDK-CR approves the request, the data requestor obtains access to the data packages directly via NIDDK-CR R4R website. The data packages may be uploaded into the Vivli designated secure research platform for analysis with data of other Vivli members as part of an approved request.

The NIDDK-CR R4R website will support searching for resources generated by NIDDK funded projects and held by the Vivli repository. NIDDK-CR R4R will direct requestors to the Vivli platform to request these data.

Additional Conditions for Access Local IRB/Ethics approval, or certification of exemption from IRB/Ethics review, or Not Human Subjects Research determination by IRB/Ethics group.

Questions about how to apply for access to resources can be submitted to NIDDK-CRsupport@niddk.nih.gov

What information will be provided Data Set, Data Dictionary, Study Documentation
Review Criteria for Data Requests NIDDK CR Data Access Review

  • Whether research project objectives, study design, and analysis plan are clearly described
  • Ensure that the requested data packages consistent with the use of the data described in the research project
  • Ensure that the research project described is consistent with any data use limitations for the requested data package.
  • Ensure data security and plans to minimize participant re-identification are appropriate for the proposed research project.
Clinical Study Register or Website https://repository.niddk.nih.gov/