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Project Data Sphere is an independent, not-for-profit initiative of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer Inc.’s Life Sciences Consortium. The CEO Roundtable on Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded by President George H.W. Bush in 2001 to develop and implement initiatives that reduce the risk of cancer, enable early diagnosis, facilitate access to the best available treatments, and hasten the discovery of novel and more effective anti-cancer therapies.

Our organization facilitates improved cancer patient outcomes through two cornerstone initiatives:

  • The open-access, data sharing research platform (www.ProjectDataSphere.org) launched in April 2014. The platform includes patient-level data from completed cancer clinical trials, representing hundreds of thousands of patients spanning a wide variety of tumor types.
  • Collaborative research programs apply big data analytics to address urgent needs in cancer treatment and care. By convening clinicians and research investigators from academia, industry, regulatory agencies and patient advocacy groups to formulate vital research questions, and connecting them with key biostatistics, data science and project management resources, Project Data Sphere is enabling open science designed to yield rigorous and timely results.
How we share on the Vivli  Platform  The Project Data Sphere platform hosts de-identified cancer clinical trial patient-level data from multiple pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research organizations, and includes not only the patient-level data but also the protocol, data dictionary and CRF associated with each study.

The metadata associated with these hosted trial datasets is searchable through the Vivli Platform, and, once datasets of interest have been identified, authorized users can connect to the Project Data Sphere platform to access these datasets.

When Studies are Available for sharing Datasets are available for sharing immediately after a researcher has successfully registered with the Project Data Sphere platform.
Additional Conditions for Access Approved researchers must agree to the Project Data Sphere Cancer Research Platform Agreement in order to access the datasets and accompanying documentation.

Datasets available within the Project Data Sphere Platform, and which have been provided by the NCTN/NCORP Data Archive, require completion of an additional NCI-provided user agreement.

What information will be provided De-identified patient-level datasets, and the accompanying protocol, data dictionary and CRF are provided to registered researchers.
Questions or enquiries Questions or enquiries about the Project Data Sphere platform should be directed to www.projectdatasphere.org/projectdatasphere/html/contactUs
Clinical Study Register or Website  www.projectdatasphere.org/