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About Tempus is a technology company that is making precision medicine a reality by gathering and analyzing clinical and molecular data at scale. Through the power of artificial intelligence, we believe all patients will eventually be on their own personalized therapeutic path, enabling longer and healthier lives.
How we share on the Vivli Platform
Available studies are listed and searchable on the Vivli Platform. Data requestors should use the Vivli Data request form to request Tempus data package(s).
Studies listed for sharing

Integrated genomic profiling expands clinical options for patients with cancer

Data sets will not be shared if sharing the data would expose Tempus Labs to competitive risks.
When Studies are available for sharing Upon finalization of data upload process to Vivli.
Additional Conditions for Access None
What information will be provided We provide access to anonymized, patient-level data (DNA and RNA data) and other information (such as the data dictionary and publication).
Questions or enquiries Researchers can enquire about the availability of data from Tempus that are not listed on the site before they submit a research proposal. Please use the Vivli Enquiry form.
Review Criteria for Data Requests

In determining whether a specific request for access to data and clinical trial information shall be granted, Tempus shall consider all relevant information, including:

  • data requested
  • hypothesis to be tested and the rationale for the proposed research
  • analysis plan
  • publication and posting plan
  • qualifications and experience of requestor or intended researcher(s) and any potential conflicts of interests
  • source of any research funding
Data Request Review Process To request access to patient-level data, researchers should submit a scientifically valid research proposal via the Vivli platform. Tempus has an in-house review committee comprised of senior leaders within the organization to make decisions about the data request. No author of the publication will be included in the review committee.
Access to study documents without participant-level data Access to study documents without participant-level data will be made available via secure download from the Vivli platform.
Anonymization Standards Data made available via the Vivli platform are de-identified in accordance with HIPAA.
Clinical Study Register or Website https://www.tempus.com/