Center for Global Research Data

Vivli Data Use Agreement

All Data Requestors wishing to receive access to data must execute the Data Use Agreement (DUA). The DUA is the product of extensive negotiation with the organizations that contribute data to Vivli, and as such, the agreement is non-negotiable. 

Download Data Use Agreement

  1. Download the Vivli DUA (above) and begin reviewing it.
  2. After a data request has been approved by all data contributors, Vivli will send the DUA to the data requestor to read and acknowledge via DocuSign.
  3. For institutions that do not currently have a master agreement in place, please send us the full name and contact email of the individual who is responsible for signing on behalf of your institution/organization.
  4. Once your institution has signed the DUA, Vivli will append your Final Research Plan in the field marked EXHIBIT A / RESEARCH PLAN at the end of the Data Use Agreement form, fully execute the agreement, and upload the executed version to the Signed Agreements tab on the platform.
  5. Once this process has been completed, the data contributor(s) will begin the process of uploading the data.

If you have any questions about completing the DUA, you may review a completed DUA.

If you need any additional assistance completing the form, please contact