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Vivli Webinars and Blogs

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March 2019 Keys to Submitting a Quality Research Proposal to a Data Sharing PlatformMs. Cynthia Holas,
Dr. Sonali Kochhar
Dr. Georgina Humphreys,
Dr. Joe Ross,
Ms. Ginger Gamble. MPH.

February 2019 Informed Consent and Data Sharing Dr. Barbara Bierer ,
Dr. Rebecca Li ,
Mr. David Peloquin,
Dr. Stephen Rosenfeld .
January 2019How to Share and Request Data on VivliDr. Ida Sim, MD, PhD
November 2018 IPD Meta-Analysis Webinar Dr. Sarah Nevitt


Using Vivli to meet NIH data sharing requirements
Using Vivli to meet ICMJE data sharing requirements