Center for Global Research Data

Vivli Partners

Microsoft is a key partner in the Vivli platform. The Vivli platform is built entirely on the Microsoft Azure cloud server, which provides unparalleled data security coupled with a truly global presence. Microsoft in Health is committed to empowering health systems of tomorrow with better analytics, improved collaboration, and safer devices for real impact and better health today.


Vivli collaborates with Privacy Analytics, an industry leader in health data-sharing methods and technologies, data security and de-identification. This partnership offers anonymization services to individuals and organizations who wish to share clinical data on the Vivli platform. By collaborating with Privacy Analytics, Vivli is driving forward the use of emerging technologies to promote and enable clinical data sharing, with the goal of developing new discoveries to improve human health. For more information on services offered by Privacy Analytics to Vivli data contributors, please email


Vivli’s outside counsel for corporate, regulatory and intellectual property matters is Ropes & Gray LLP, a preeminent global law firm with broad expertise in digital health and research. Ropes & Gray provides Vivli legal services on a pro bono basis, illustrating the firm’s longstanding public service commitment.


Wellcome Trust collaborates with Vivli to act as the secretariat for the data sharing platform’s Independent Review Panel (IRP). Wellcome is a longstanding, widely trusted global leader in health research and has years of experience in the role of IRP secretariat. As the IRP secretariat for the Vivli platform, Wellcome brings valuable expertise, experience and vision to the newest horizon in global clinical data sharing efforts. With this partnership, Vivli offers those data contributors who wish to have an independent, neutral party oversee the review of requests access to an esteemed independent review panel who will review research proposals based on their merit. For more information, please email