Clinical Trial Data Sharing and Re-Use:
A New Reality for Researchers

Dear Vivli Friends:

Today, data sharing is no longer an option—it’s becoming an imperative.

This past year, we’ve seen more data being shared than ever before: investigators who run clinical trials are posting their data-sharing plans, and more academic institutions and members of industry are stepping forward in leadership to share data from completed trials. At Vivli, we’ve received a steady stream of requests from researchers around the world wanting to analyze clinical trial data using the Vivli platform.

2019 was a milestone year for Vivli too, as we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Vivli platform. We grew faster than we had imagined: 22 members currently contribute 4700+ trials – an increase of over 80% of trials shared in the platform since our launch. Vivli is now one of the largest global data sharing platforms for clinical trials. We are grateful to our members and funders whose support helped make this possible.

Throughout the year, we continued to make enhancements to the Vivli platform that made it even easier for researchers to store and share data from their clinical trials. In 2020 and beyond we’ll continue to build out the platform, focusing on three goals:

  • Implementing incentives for researchers to prepare their data for sharing and re-use
  • Enabling the sharing of more diverse datasets
  • Increasing awareness of the Vivli platform among the broader research community

I am humbled and extremely proud of the opportunity to serve our organization alongside our dedicated team and board – who share a vision for advancing human health through data sharing and re-use.

We look forward to working with you to realize the scientific breakthroughs that this new reality promises.

Rebecca Li

About Vivli

Vivli is a non-profit organization working to advance human health through the insights and discoveries gained by sharing and analyzing clinical trial data. It is home to an independent global data-sharing and analytics platform which serves all elements of the international research community. Learn more about Vivli.

2019 Highlights

Safeguarding Privacy in Rare Disease Clinical Trial Data Sharing Read more
Vivli and Microsoft joined forces for a one-day Datathon to generate innovative solutions for protecting patient privacy while still maintaining the value of the data when sharing and combining rare disease clinical trial datasets. More than 60 participants forming 11 teams shared promising ideas and approaches that could help move the needle on this challenge.
Working Together to Transform Data Sharing Read more
More than 60 thought leaders and practitioners from the global data sharing and research communities came together at the Vivli Annual Meeting to hear updates from the field and explore new opportunities to drive innovation in data sharing. Johnson & Johnson took this opportunity to announce they had joined Vivli as members.
Move Clinical Trial Data Sharing From An Option To An Imperative Read more
In a commentary for STAT, Dr. Rebecca Li, Vivli Executive Director, argues that data sharing has moved from a conversation of whether or not data should be shared to one focusing on how to share data. She writes that this change has been taking place over a number of years and has been propelled forward by new requirements from leading journals that ask for a data sharing plan at the time a new trial is registered.
Accelerating Data Sharing Read more
Through our webinars attended by more than 600+ participants, conference presentations and blog posts, the Vivli team spread best practices for sharing data, with the goal of accelerating clinical trial data sharing. The series of talks touched on a range of issues, from how to meet funder and journal requirements through data sharing, to how to give credit to data generators when re-using data.

2019 Milestones

2019 milestones

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