2021 Progress Report
Bringing the Value of
Data Sharing to Life

Dear Friends,

This year, our vision of driving scientific discovery through data sharing truly came to life. Thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of many research teams, new insights from analyzing the data shared on the Vivli platform are making real scientific impacts. Research is flourishing, with more than 45 publications, many in leading scientific journals and more than 200 proposals submitted from researchers requesting to reuse clinical trial data in just the last twelve months.

We’ve also made great strides this year in building our inventory of data to over 6,000 clinical studies, adding more than 500 clinical trials and registries to the Vivli platform. We now have an impressive depth of data in specific therapeutic areas such as oncology, spanning multiple conditions. And we remain committed to advancing knowledge around the current pandemic, with the continued growth of our COVID Therapeutics Accelerator, with the primary objective to make COVID data more discoverable once trials are completed. 

This year, we welcomed nine new members from industry, academia, and the government and non-profit sectors, including Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative, Alnylam, Bristol Myers Squibb, IDDO, Kyowa Kirin, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Otsuka, Shionogi, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which made the Vivli platform an approved repository for their grantees’ clinical trial data.

We’ve also established several new and innovative partnerships which are helping to take our work to new levels. We’re especially excited to now leverage our success in clinical research data sharing to expand to sharing industry surveillance data for antimicrobial resistance, which causes 700,000 deaths a year and threatens to become the next global pandemic.

As we look forward to 2022, we will continue to foster sharing, discovery and innovation, focused on:

  • Demonstrating a measurable impact of the scientific value of the data and core technology
  • Successfully delivering innovative implementable externally funded projects and partnerships leveraging platform technology; and
  • Expanding Vivli’s core capabilities

I remain grateful to our members, stakeholders, funders and researchers for their ongoing support of Vivli and their commitment to unlocking the value in clinical research data.




2021 Highlights

Accelerating sharing of COVID-19 clinical trial data Read more
Vivli received a grant from the Wellcome Trust to improve the access and re-use of COVID-related clinical trials data. Vivli will improve its existing infrastructure to make studies on the platform easier to find and surface more data usage metrics. In addition, the grant provides funding for Vivli to work with the Infectious Disease Data Observatory (IDDO) to make COVID studies in its platform also available for searching and requesting on Vivli.
Launching Vivli 2.0 Read more
Making major updates to the infrastructure, Vivli launched version 2.0 of the platform, enabling users to have larger, more optimized research environments as well as the ability to process and analyze up to 1T of data. The improvements also included upgrades to the suite of tools and software available to researchers.
Making an impact through research Read more
Researchers using data shared on the Vivli platform published 51 public disclosures (including research papers) throughout the year, sharing new insights spanning a range of diseases--including rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer and Crohn’s disease. These findings bring us one step closer to discovering cures, and are fueling changes in treatment and patient care.
Improving access to antimicrobial resistance surveillance data Read more
Antimicrobial resistance is a growing global health threat. With support of the Wellcome Trust, Vivli has embarked on building a platform to share data on industry-sponsored human antimicrobial surveillance programs and foster increased research using the surveillance data.The platform will launch in 2022.

2021 Milestones

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