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About Vivli

What is Vivli?

Vivli is an independent, non-profit organization that is establishing a global data-sharing and analytics platform to serve all elements of the international research community. We act as a neutral broker between data contributor, data user and the wider data sharing community and are actively seeking to harmonize the governance, policy and processes to make sharing data easier. The Vivli platform includes an independent data repository, in-depth search engine and a cloud-based, secure analytics platform. The ultimate aim of Vivli is to advance human health from the insights and discoveries gained by sharing and analyzing data. 

The Vivli platform is open to sharing all clinical trials—regardless of disease, country, sponsor, funder, and investigator and seeks to serve all elements of the international research community. The Vivli platform’s interface is designed to enable users to request and analyze data from multiple data contributors from an easy to use interface.

How did Vivli begin?

Vivli evolved from a project of The Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard (MRCT Center) to enhance access to clinical research data by promoting data sharing and transparency. In 2013, the MRCT Center and a diverse group of global stakeholders embarked on a mission to define, design and launch a solution to global clinical research data sharing.

What is the Vivli platform?

The Vivli platform consists of an in-depth search engine, an independent data repository and a secure research environment. The enhanced search engine is designed to index clinical research metadata.  The Vivli search engine, uses a controlled vocabulary, which makes it easy for researchers to refine their PICO-based research question to find what studies data contributors have made available for sharing anonymized Individual Participant Data (IPD). Find out more about how to search the Vivli platform.

What are the benefits of data sharing?

The culture of data-sharing is rapidly changing. Many funders already require data-sharing plans and will increasingly weigh the track record of academic research teams’ willingness to share data as precursors for obtaining new grants. Leading academic journals also have the expectation that researchers make their data available often with oversight by independent review panel to decide how these data sets can be used. Industry also supports data sharing through existing commitments. Most importantly, data sharing will help science move forward and chart a new path that will accelerate progress in medicine. Vivli is designed not only to meet the needs of today, but also ensures that we are helping researchers meet the needs of a rapidly approaching future.



Getting Started

What is the Vivli platform?

The Vivli platform is a novel tool to search, request, and analyze clinical trial data sets. The platform includes Vivli’s unique search feature where users can search listed studies based on several different qualifiers, as well as a secure research environment where users can analyze clinical trial data sets shared by data contributors.

Who can use the platform?

Anyone is welcome to use the search feature of the platform. To request a study, you are required to create an account to verify identity, and provide information towards a detailed request for data and allow Vivli to you about request status.



Searching for Studies on Vivli

How can optimize the search experience on the Vivli platform?

You can search for studies using PICO terms (Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome) using Vivli’s unique query interface, which also allows search for additional study characteristics (e.g., actual sample size, phase). For more information on searching for studies, please review our demo video here, or our step-by-step how to search guide available here.

What types of data are available through the Vivli platform? 

At launch on July 19, 2018, Vivli will feature data from completed interventional studies in several disease areas for which fully anonymized Individual Participant Data (IPD) are available. In the future, we anticipate researchers will be able to request and integrate research data including observational and outcomes studies, and imaging, sensor and public health data, either downloadable or in a secure research environment.

How is the search metadata curated?

Vivli curates study description (metadata) from registration elements and other documents (e.g. Study protocol) when made available. Main eligibility criteria, interventions and outcomes are annotated with standardized terms using the Cochrane Vocabulary. This standardization enables a more precise and accurate search.